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Vocabulary Strategies

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Vocabulary Strategies. Using Word Study for Ownership!. Context-Content-Experience. A teacher example……. ORIGIN 1550s, from L. delineatus , pp. of delineare "to sketch out," from de- "completely" (see de-) + lineare "draw lines," from linea "line" (see line (n.)). . riddled.

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vocabulary strategies
Vocabulary Strategies

Using Word Study for Ownership!

context content experience

A teacher example……


ORIGIN 1550s, from L. delineatus, pp. of delineare "to sketch out," from de- "completely" (see de-) + lineare "draw lines," from linea "line" (see line (n.)).



1 the action of describing or portraying something precisely

2 the action of indicating the exact position of a border or boundary.

Physical/literal (map boundaries)

Figurative (rules, directions)

Draw lines, sketch out = as in making a boundary (physical or figurative) clear.



portrayal, description, presentation, depiction, representation, picture, portrait, account.


the artist's exquisite delineation of costume and jewelry.

the accurate delineation of social problems in the area

the eventual delineation of the border between the two states.

The teacher’s delineation between summary and analysis clarified what I was supposed to write in my paper.

There was no clear delineation between her locker and mine; our possessions were scattered throughout both lockers with no rhyme or reason.

context content experience1

Practice as a class….


ORIGIN late 15th cent.: from Latintrepidatio(n-), from trepidare ‘be agitated, tremble,’ from trepidus ‘alarmed.’



a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen


fear, apprehension, dread, fearfulness, fright, agitation, anxiety, worry, nervousness, tension, misgivings, unease, uneasiness, foreboding, disquiet, dismay, consternation, alarm, panic; informal butterflies (in one's stomach), jitteriness, the jitters, the creeps, the shivers, the heebie-jeebies, the willies, the shakes.

context content experience2

Your turn! Create your own charts for two self-selected words….

time to share
Time to Share!
  • Share your two self-selected words with your small group!