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What the birdie told me

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What the birdie told me. How to Tweet, Post, and Pin Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success by: Lawrence Watkins. My Core Message.

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What the birdie told me

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what the birdie told me

What the birdie told me

How to Tweet, Post, and Pin Your Way to Entrepreneurial Successby: Lawrence Watkins

my core message
My Core Message

Social media allows normal people to have the opportunity to gain enormous reach and influence. If you learn how to effectively implement a great social media & technology strategy, you can grow your business by leaps and bounds in less time.

what has social media done for me1
What Has Social Media Done for Me?

I Can Follow My Passion

I Choose to Work With My Big Brother

I Have Freedom Over My Time

My Cousin Chooses To Work with Me

what i am not
What I am NOT:

Not Old

Not Rich

Not Extroverted

Not a Social Media Genius


Someone who was able to take advantage of opportunities presented to me in a time of great technological change.

life wasn t always this way 2005
Life Wasn’t Always This Way2005

Engineering Student Here:

When I Discovered This:

Principle: You never know where your new skills will come from to help you compete in the future.

took a monumental leap of faith
Took A Monumental Leap of Faith…

My parents thought I was living like this:

When I was really living like this:

time to get to work
Time to Get to Work

My Cycle of Success

Principle: Create an effective learning routine to develop your skills and see opportunities snowball.

launch of great black speakers
Launch of Great Black Speakers

What I Was Up Against:

  • Competing against old and established companies
  • Already have a lot of money, customers, manpower, influential people, and brand value

Bottom Line: I would have been crushed if I had competed by their rules.

but things were changing
…But, Things Were Changing
  • No one was answering their phones.
  • No one was responding to mass emails.
  • Direct mail was becoming less effective.
  • Less people were going to trade shows.
my new formula of success
My New Formula of Success

SEO + Social Media = Success

two things i want to hug
Two Things I Want to Hug

Pareto’s Law: 80% of your results comes from 20% of your effort

the importance of brand
The Importance of Brand

Snooki From Jersey Shore

Toni Morrison

know what you are selling to the core
Know What You Are Selling To The Core
  • Great Black Speakers: To become an information disseminator that delivers powerful messages to the masses.
  • Ujamaa Deals: To consolidate the buying power of the black community and transfer that wealth back to black businesses.
content the fuel that makes your business run
Content: The Fuel That Makes Your Business Run

Goals: Engage & Action

Great Content = Great Information + Great Emotion

types of content that gets shared
Types of Content That Gets Shared
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Infographics
  • Blog Posts
  • Offers/Contests
  • Videos

20% Created By You

80% Shared By You

distribution if a tree falls in the forest
Distribution: If a Tree Falls In The Forest…

What good is a good message if no one can hear it?

3 rules of distribution
3 Rules of Distribution

Use the same distribution channels used by your ideal customers.

Focus your energy in one channel first and then expand from there.

Be consistent with your posts. It’s hard to gain momentum once it is gone.

design credibility trust
Design = Credibility & Trust

GBS in 2007

GBS in 2012


We are all competing in the marketplace of ideas and everyone here has the ability to have their ideas heard.

but you have to
But, You Have to:
  • Work smart
  • Work hard
  • Take advantage of your opportunities
  • Stay current as the world is always changing