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how to turn on bluetooth on my acer laptop n.
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How to Turn on Bluetooth on My Acer Laptop PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Turn on Bluetooth on My Acer Laptop

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How to Turn on Bluetooth on My Acer Laptop
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How to Turn on Bluetooth on My Acer Laptop

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  1. How To Turn On Bluetooth On My Acer Laptop

  2. Bluetooth is a wireless connection technology which helps to connect other device to share files, photos, music, movies etc. Setting up its connectivity between two devices is not a difficult task in fact; it is a two seconds method which is very quick and easy. You don’t need to scan every time for the same device if you pair that device from yours. A Bluetooth device in your Acer laptop does not only allow connecting with other laptop but also from android phones.

  3. It is a great feature to share the files between two devices without any wire. You can turn on/off for the Bluetooth visibility on other devices and it is completely secure as it always asks you to accept the files from other devices. It works in short range only which means if a person is at home and his connectivity is turned on then outsiders will not be able to see his visibility. Acer Support New Zealand 048879119 is always ready for their customers to answer any related query. They welcome their user’s problems and resolve their issues.

  4. Let us learn how to enable Bluetooth in Acer Laptop through these steps: • Switch-on your laptop and go to the main screen. • Now you have to click on Start to move further. • Next, select Settings from the available options. • Go to Devices to open it. • Once you do so, make a click on Bluetooth from the available options on the left. • Move the toggle to turn it blue or green to enable it. • Save the changes and close the settings.

  5. If Bluetooth is still not enabled follow these steps: • Right-click the Bluetooth icon from the notification area and, then go to Open Bluetooth Settings. • Now, click Options and select Turn discovery on the check box. • Once you do so, click Apply to save changes.If Bluetooth icon is not visible in the notification area, follow these steps: • Go to Start and select Control Panel.

  6. Go to Classic View from left side of the screen. • Make a double-click on Bluetooth Devices icon and click Options tab. • Hit on the option of show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and click OK. • Acer laptop comes with installed Bluetooth drivers but if your laptop does not have this function then you need to download it online from Acer web page.

  7. To download and install select Acer Products Family>Product Line>Product Model. • Select the Operating system version for your computer and click Driver tab. • Download and install its driver from the available driver options. • Every solution for Acer Customers has been discussed here if a doubt is still there in your mind then contact Acer Technical Support, they will resolve out any query and any tech issue can be discussed with them. They will definitely help you out to get the solution.

  8. Acer Technical Support New Zealand Contact Acer Customer Support 048879119 Original Source