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How to Speed up Your Acer Laptop? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Speed up Your Acer Laptop?

How to Speed up Your Acer Laptop?

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How to Speed up Your Acer Laptop?

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  1. How to Speed up Your Acer Laptop?

  2. No matter how old is your laptop; we always require high-speed work and good processing power. But over a period, the laptop slows down as there is no space to run a program at a high speed. There are number of reasons which make your Acer laptop slow; users download music, pictures, movies, software and applications and fill their device. This helps to build up virtual garbage that affects the performance of your laptop. You can make your laptop run faster by upgrading your device and by doing some small changes. • Go through these below mentioned steps and speed up your Acer Laptop: • First, you have to disable the startup applications • To do so, go to the start menu and enter the System Configuration in the search box.

  3. Then select the option ‘System Configuration’ from the screen result, • And go to the startup tab and untick the checkboxes of those processes that you don’t want to run at the time of startup. • At last, click on the OK button. • Disable the performance option • Click on the start button. • Then enter ‘System’ in the search box below the All Program option. • Choose the ‘System’ option and then select ‘Advance system settings’.

  4. Click on the ‘Advance’ tab and select ‘Settings’ under the option performance. • Now, untick the checkboxes that you want and hit the OK button. • Enable manual services • Type ‘Service’ in the search box and select the ‘Service’ option. • Change the startup type for every single service to manual by click twice on each service. • Install more RAM • Type ‘System’ and select it in the display result. • The amount is given next to installed memory given the idea about the RAM installed on your laptop.

  5. As per your laptop model, you can increase the performance of your Acer by increasing the amount of RAM installed. • If you find it difficult or unable to perform any step, call at Acer Customer Support Number +61-388205238. We make sure that all your doubts are cleared and provide you the accurate solution to your issue. To solve another issue pertaining to Acer, you can visit our site and check out more solutions there.

  6. Acer Technical Support Australia Helpline Number: +(61)388205238 Original Source