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low voltage and high voltage n.
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Low Voltage and High Voltage PowerPoint Presentation
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Low Voltage and High Voltage

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Low Voltage and High Voltage
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Low Voltage and High Voltage

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  1. Low Voltage and High Voltage OPC status and plans Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  2. Low Voltage and High Voltage • Current hardware • Caen HV and LV  Caen OPC server • Wiener LV  Wiener OPC server • Iseg HV  Iseg OPC server Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  3. Caen OPC server • Based on the TCP/IP protocol • Current version is 2.7 released July 2003  W2k and WXP • Can be downloaded from http://www.caen.it/nuclear/scdown.php • No new features added from version 2.4 • only bug fixing (memory leakage for BSTR type item) • Performances improved • Tests with OPC clients connected locally or remotely to the OPC server proved good performances Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  4. Integration in Framework(JCOP) • Caen is integrated in Framework, v2.05 • For the following devices: • SY127: A230, A326, A327, A329, A333, A334, A335, A431, A432, A433, A434, • SY403: A503, A504 • SY527: A373A, A516, A732, A733, A734, A735, A753, A821, A832, A833, A834, A835 • SY1527: A1511, A1517A, A1513A, A1519, A1529, A1526, A1734, A1821 • PVSS OPC client number assigned in Framework is 6 Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  5. Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  6. Wiener OPC server • For previous tests Slic.OPCserver (IT-CO) was used • Official release, version 1.6 for W2K and WXP • Based on CanOpen protocol, Kvaser and NI Can cards supported • Can be downloaded from • http://itcofe.web.cern.ch/itcofe/Services/OPC/RecommendedTools/Servers/WIENER/welcome.html • BUT “According to WIENER, the use of such software with the WIENER low voltage power supplies ("PL500") in safe conditions would require modifications of the OPC server or of the PL500 firmware. Wiener does not currently have a release date for the OPC server for the PL500 and will not offer support for the use of the OPC server with PL500 before this new release is available.In the meantime, the OPC server shall be used with caution if it is connected to low voltage power supplies.” • Installation steps: • Unzip OfficialOPC_1006_release.zip in a directory created by you • WienerOPC_Kvaser.exe –RegServer ( not WienerOPC as indicated by documentation) • WienerConfig.exe creates Wiener_cfg.xml • PortID and CANbus Baud Rate should be the same as the ones configured manually on the crate Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  7. Integration Framework v2.05 • The Wiener Framework component can be download from http://itcobe.web.cern.ch/itcobe/PrePublication/Projects/Framework/Download/ • Wiener devices (VME crate , FanTray and PowerSupply) are integrated in Framework v2.05 • PVSS OPC client assigned in Framework is 11 • A show case set-up: • Wiener Framework, OPC official release, Kvaser PCI Can card, PL500 is working in 12 1-005 (asap will be moved in DCS lab) • Stable, no CPU load problem reported so far • On going tests in hall 167, Point 2, didn’t show any problem so far • Currently, at point 2, tests for the “water cooled cables” are using the following configuration: Wiener PL500 2-7V 2 channels of 230 A connected to a PC, Kvaser PCI Can card, with PVSS WienerTest v2, control software (author S.P): no problems reported from the control side • The same set-up will be used for the TPC sector test Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  8. Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  9. Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  10. Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  11. Iseg OPC server (1) • For previous tests Slic.OPCserver (IT-CO) was used • Present status: OPC official release is under development will be supported for W2K and WXP • Based on the CanOpen protocol, Peak Can cards supported, maybe Kvaser Can cards in the near future • Temporary solutions: for tests and developments I am using only v2.06 , not the latest release 3.0,. • Tests with OPC clients connected locally or remotely to the OPC server proved a good functionality Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  12. Iseg OPC server (2) • Open questions: • Two DA OPC server: crate + module two Canbuses per crate • V2.06 and 2.09 • Possible in the near future release a common space name • CPU load and namespace server: • v 2.06 the asynchronous (r/w access, device readings) was approx 50 % and synchronous (r access, cache readings) was 25 % for 32 channels • v2.09 asynchronous reading (r/w access, device readings) ~ 24 % for 32 channels and synchronous reading (r access, cache readings) ~ 15 % • V 3.0 only one namespaceserver Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  13. Iseg OPC server (3) • Alarm and Event server: • V2.06 and 2.09 still have this feature. PVSS II v2.12 or any commercial OPC client (Applicom, Matrikon NI..) cannot connect to these servers • PVSS II v 3.0 can connect to AE server, but no action is taken. • After discussions with the Iseg company, in the next release AE will be included in the DA OPC server • Documentation is improving v2.09 compare to v2.06 • Channel status, General status, Configuration of the relay and regulation error, Alarm are for the first time described • Crate DA and AE server for crate is for the first time described • Possible in the near future a workable version, but no official release date has been suggested so far Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  14. Iseg OPC server(4) • Configuration of the OPC server: • each OPC server release is firmware depended • firmware upgrading can be done only via the IsegHVM software or by the company • A device key code must be issue by the company for any new OPC release • Framework integration: • on hold till a final version of the Can bus protocol and OPC server will be release • As temporary solution one can download the PVSS control software IsegTest v2.2 (author S.P) from http://sorinap.home.cern.ch/sorinap/pvss.htm • Current version is working with Iseg OPC v 2.09 Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu

  15. Conclusions • Present tests for Wiener and Caen OPC server together with Framework v2.05 show good performances. • An official and final release of Iseg OPC server expected to be announce soon by the company • Future tests with an increased number of hardware (crates, board, channels) are needed for all the OPC servers. Alice controls workshop, S.Popescu