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SAFETY FIRST! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAFETY FIRST!. Welcome to a new school year! . This year, our goal is to be accident free. We need your help to get there!. Equipment and General Safety Rules. Do NOT operate equipment unless you have been trained on it! .

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Welcome to a new school year!


This year, our goal is to be accident free.

We need your help to get there!


Equipment and General

Safety Rules

  • Do NOT operate equipment unless you have been trained on it!

2. Report any safety issues to your manager immediately.


Never use a lid or wrap to cover a pan while it is cooking. Hot water will accumulate on it and could spill and burn you.

Use caution when opening the doors.

Steam will be released.


Use lower units when possible as the food is easier to work with.

When using the upper units, exercise caution when removing the pans.

ALWAYS wear oven gloves when working with hot foods or pans to prevent burns to your hands or forearms.


When operating or cleaning a slicer, a mesh safety glove MUST be worn. A latex or plastic glove may be worn underneath.

Unplug the slicer when you are cleaning it.

Use automatic slicing features when slicing.


Exercise caution when opening an oven. High heat will escape.

ALWAYS wear oven gloves and/or sleeves to protect your hands and forearms when working with hot ovens and trays. Pot holders are not enough!


ALWAYS let fellow staff members know when you are removing hot food from the oven.

Carol, I’m taking the cake out of the oven.


NEVER put a pan taken directly from the oven onto the drain board by the dish area. It should be placed in the sink, sprayed with water to cool it and then handled and washed.


NEVER put knives in the sink.

USE proper amounts of bleach or sanitizer


When walking behind another employee, let them know you are there. The phrase “Behind you” works fine.

If you spill something, or see a spill, clean it up immediately to prevent someone form slipping on it.


When going from our quarry tile floors in the kitchen to the smooth tiles in the cafeteria, be very cautious. If your feet are wet, the smooth tiles will be very slippery.


Report any safety issues to your supervisor immediately!

Learn to lift properly. Use your legs, not your back.


Handle knives properly. ALWAYS wear a safety mesh glove when using a knife. ALWAYS pick up by the handle and carry with the tip pointed to the ground. If a knife falls, DO NOT grab it! Let it hit the ground and then pick it up, clean it and use it.


Know where your fire extinguishers are and how to operate them.

Know evacuation routes in your kitchen.


Report any accident, no matter how minor, to your supervisor.

Use cleaning products as per instructions. Know where MSDS information is and how to use it.



  • True or False
  • ___ Our goal is to be accident free this year.
  • ___ Feel free to teach yourself a new piece of equipment
  • ___ Always use a lid when cooking in the steamer.

4.___ It is mandatory to use a safety mesh glove when using the slicer.

5.___ High heat will escape from an oven or steamer when opening the door.

6.___ Be sure to put knives in the sink.

7.___ We need your help to be accident free.


8.___ If you are injured, do not tell the manager because you will get in trouble.

9.___ Let fellow employees know when you are behind them.

10.___ Wear only plastic or latex gloves when handling hot trays.



1. True 6. False

2. False 7. True

3. False 8. False

4. True 9. True

5. True 10. False