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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution. Pre-Industrial Society . 1700s People made their own clothing, etc. Skilled artisans handmade some goods Artisans could not keep up with growing demand. Hence, the Industrial Revolution. Industry means…commercial activity/manufacturing

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pre industrial society
Pre-Industrial Society
  • 1700s
  • People made their own clothing, etc.
  • Skilled artisans handmade some goods
  • Artisans could not keep up with growing demand
hence the industrial revolution
Hence, the Industrial Revolution
  • Industry means…commercial activity/manufacturing
  • Revolution means…a radical change in society
  • So the Industrial Revolution was…the period of rapid grown in the use of machines in manufacturing
textiles were the first industry impacted
Textiles were the first industry impacted

Spinning Jenny Water Frame

beginnings of the industrial revolution
Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution
  • Began in England
  • Skilled mechanics were not allowed to leave

Skilled mechanic

so how did it spread to the u s
So how did it spread to the U.S?
  • Samuel Slater
  • Professional escape artist and founder of the American Industrial Revolution
  • Introduced new textile machines to the U.S
mass production
  • Large number of identical goods
interchangeable parts
Interchangeable Parts
  • Eli Whitney’s idea
  • Each product made exactly the same
a halt in production
A halt in production
  • Early 19th century events slow progress of Industrial Revolution
  • Embargo of 1807
  • War of 1812
  • Progress resumed in the late 1830s
  • By 1840s, gun makers were using interchangeable parts
working in the factories
Working in the factories
  • Entire families hired- children would get the easier jobs
  • This was the Rhode Island System
lowell system
Lowell System
  • Francis Cabot Lowell found a way to produce thread and cloth under one roof using water power
  • Hired young,

unmarried women

protecting the rights of workers
Protecting the rights of workers
  • 1830s and 40s unions began to form
  • Organization of artisans in a particular trade
  • Strikes-refused to work until their demands were met