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FPSO Experience Database JIP

FPSO Experience Database JIP. FPSO Research Forum 16 October 2002 Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Presented by:. Robert Spong ABS Consulting. Presentation Outline. Brief Background ABS/ABS Consulting Motivation for Experience Database JIP Objectives of JIP Description of Tasks

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FPSO Experience Database JIP

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  1. FPSO Experience Database JIP FPSO Research Forum 16 October 2002 Santiago de Compostela, Spain Presented by: Robert Spong ABS Consulting

  2. Presentation Outline • Brief Background ABS/ABS Consulting • Motivation for Experience Database JIP • Objectives of JIP • Description of Tasks • Cost & Schedule • JIP Contact Information

  3. ABS Bureau & ABS Consulting • Classification Society • 2,500 employees in 300 offices in 70 countries • Extensive marine & offshore experience • Approximately 1/2 market share of worldwide FPS’ • Approximately 1/4 market share of tankers • Marine & Offshore Consulting • 1,200 staff in 50 offices worldwide • Numerous support services • Risk assessments (RBIs, QRAs, HAZOPs, etc.) • Advanced engineering • Blast modeling & testing • Special studies (JIPs, RPs, etc.)

  4. Recent Projects Related to Proposed JIP • In-service inspection planning • Risk based plans • FPSOs (P-35, Zafiro Producer) • Semis (Thunder Horse) • Fixed platform fleets (BP West Java, Unocal Thailand) • Prescriptive plans (Holstein Spar, Neptune Spar) • Risk studies • Hull configuration risk (Su Tu Den FPSO) • Mooring configuration risk & reliability study (P-37, P-43/48 FPSOs) • HAZID, HAZOPS & Reliability studies (CNG Carriers and LNG & GTL FPSO concepts)

  5. Motivation for Experience Database JIP • Limited operating experience to draw upon when making decisions regarding FPSO hull integrity • Typically draw upon tanker operating experience for • Corrosion rate estimates • Construction detail performance • Coating performance • FPSOs are not tankers • No dry docking • Cargo content vary • Offloading frequencies are higher • Site specific

  6. Motivation for Experience Database JIP • Continued growth of FPSO fleet increases need for a more complete set of experience based operational data (across company lines) • Past efforts to collect FPSO data generated general information but not quantity or detail required to • Assess current design and maintenance practices • Develop firm foundation for implementation of RBI or other inspection techniques Central Theme: “Need for more FPSO specific operating experience.”

  7. Objectives of Experience Database JIP • Aggressively collect experienced based operating data to evaluate influence of FPSO/FSO specific operations on hull integrity and determine implications on design and while on site • Evaluation of influence of FPSO specific operations on structural integrity to enhance decision making process related to FPSOs • Design • Maintenance and inspection • Operations

  8. Objectives of Experience Database JIP • Provide Guidance and Application Tools • Lessons learned • Assessment tools • In-service inspection tools

  9. ABS & Other Society Survey Archives Information Flow Diagram ... Operator 2 Operator N Operator 1 Task 5 -Documentation Task 4 -Evaluation Task 2 & 3 - Data Collection • Lessons learned • Applicability of industry practices • Tools and guidance on risk based inspection applications Experience Data Set Literature Review ABS Tanker Database

  10. Data Collection • ABS internal data • Survey data (FPSO/FSO & tankers) • Condition assessment data • Technology studies • JIP participant internal data • Inspection data • Cargo composition • Operational profile • Corrosion protection • FPSO features • Repair history

  11. Data Collection & Data Recording • Collection methods • Participant interviews • Response to written queries • Interface with participant FPSO data owners • Main groups • Operating units • Clean up data • Remove relationship between data and vessel/operator (i.e., ensure operator anonymity) • Organize and categorize data • Identify erroneous and missing data

  12. Evaluation & Deliverables • General Data Set Evaluation - “Lessons learned” • Trends • Alternative approaches used by different operators for integrity management • Risk mitigation alternatives • Influence of operating conditions on hull integrity • Numerical Data Set Evaluation (inspection guidance) • Spatial zoning of corrosion • Confidence level for probabilistic corrosion rates • Effect of inspection on corrosion rate estimates

  13. Evaluation & Deliverables • Identify areas where additional data collection is warranted and provide recommendations on collection methods and procedures • Develop foundation for future application and guidance on alternative inspection planning techniques Example Rule-Based Inspection Plan

  14. Schedule & Cost Proposal Sent Out August 2002 Commitment Deadline 31 Dec 02 JIP Completion Jan 04 Meet with Interested Participants JIP Kick-off 31 Jan 03 1st Quarter 2004 3rd Quarter 2002 4th Quarter 2002 1st Quarter 2003 • Approximately one year duration • Cost: US$39,000 per participant • Minimum number participants: 7

  15. JIP Contact Information Primary Contact: Robert Spong Ph: 1-281-480-3800 email: rspong@absconsulting.com Bret Montaruli Manager, Offshore Engineering email: bmontaruli@eagle.org Europe Contact: James Phipps Ph: 44(0)1925 287344 email: jphipps@absconsulting.com Other contacts: Frank Puskar Vice President email: fpuskar@absconsulting.com

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