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CHAPTER 8 PRESENTATION Period 5. What have you learned?. What is debt peonage? -A system that bound laborers to work for the debt of the employer. In what year did the supreme court declare involuntary peonage a violation of the 13 th Amendment? -1911

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What have you learned
What have you learned?

  • What is debt peonage?

    -A system that bound laborers to work for the debt of the employer.

  • In what year did the supreme court declare involuntary peonage a violation of the 13th Amendment?


  • When did the railroads start to hire more Mexicans than any other ethnic group?

    -The late 1800’s

  • What was the worker called who was bound in debt peonage?

    -A peon

Question 1
Question #1

Q. Who inspired the engineering science of urban planning?

A. John Augustus Roebling

Question 2
Question #2

  • Who helped draw up a plan “Greensword” which is now Central Park in New York?

    A. Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux

Question 21
Question #2

  • What event took place in 1893 when Burnham transformed a swampy area near Lake Michigan in to a “glistening white city”?

    A. Chicago’s 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition


  • Q: About how much did the money used for advertising increase between 1865 – 1900?

A: About 85 million.

2. Q: Which 2 companies first brought retail merchandising to small towns?

A: Montegomery Ward and Sears

3. Q: The RFD system brought packages directly to every:

a. store b. home c. market

d. community center e. hotel

A: b. home


1890, Cleveland, Ohio

1. Where and when was the first shopping center created?

2. Who developed the first department store? And when was It created?

Marshall field, 1865

3. Who founded the first chain store, and when was it created?

F.W. Woolworth, 1870

4. What College University is the BEST???


Chapter 8 presentation period 5


5. Where did modern tennis originated?

1. Where was the first Ferris wheel unveiled?

The World’s Columbian Exposition

2. What was the first bicycle called to feature air-inflated tires?

The Victor Safety Bicycle

3. In what year were 10 million bicycles produced?


4. Who believed bicycling helped women gain manyfreedoms?

Susan B. Anthony

North Wales

Question 11
Question #1

How much did George Eastman’s first camera cost?

A. $694,000

B. $75

C. $25

D. $400

Question 22
Question #2

What was one effect of photo explosion?

A. Photojournalism was created

B. First successful flight was caught on camera

C. Cameras were now easy and cheap to use.

D. All of the above

Question 3
Question #3

What year was the first Kodak camera introduced?

A. 2054

B. 1945

C. 1888

D. 1870

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

Question 1

  • Mark Twain was a popular author who wrote what book?

    A. Moby Dick

    B. Deadwood Dick

    C. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    D. The Adventures of Super Man

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

Question 2

  • During this time period light fiction novels were called “nickel novels.”

    - True

    - False

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

Question 3

  • ________ were excluded from visiting many museums and other white-controlled institutes.

    A. Chinese

    B. African-Americans

    C. Hispanic

    D. Paul’s mom

Chapter 8 presentation period 5


  • #1 Racial etiquette and African Americans, enforcing their second-class status. Answer

  • #2 Between what years were 1,400 African-American men and women shot, burned, and hanged without trial in the South? Answer

  • #3What was the event in 1990 when a white policeman was killed? Answer







Society still considers African Americans a second class citizen due to the Reconstruction that went on previously.

  • Why does society treat the majority of Immigrants with more respect than African Americans?

2. Why did Catholics resent the suppression of their native languages in favor of English?

Because public school systems had mandatory readings of the Protestant King James version of the Bible.

3. Why did adult immigrants feel the need to attend night school?

Because they wanted to learn English and qualify for American citizenship.


  • Why did children not want to attend school?

  • Why did kindergarten become increasingly popular?

  • Why did employers demand workers with more education?


  • Children feared and hated the cruel punishments and strict rules.

  • Kindergartens developed to offer more childcare for employed mothers.

  • Employers wanted more education to keep workers loyal to capitalism.

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

1. Who was the first African American to graduate from Harvard University?

3. How many African Americans attended college in 1990?

5. What percent of Americans attended college in the late 1800’s?

4. What was needed to enter any college or university?

2. Who founded the Tuskegee University?

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

2. Booker T. Washington Harvard University?

5. 2.3%


4. High school diploma or entrance exams


1. W.E.B Du Bois

3. 3,880


What is the poll tax? Harvard University?

What is the grandfather clause?

Racial Segregation was put into where?

In the Plessy v. Ferguson, supreme court ruled that the separation of races was legal because it didn’t violate what?


Answers Harvard University?

  • an annual tax that had to be paid before qualifying to vote.

  • Even if a person failed the test they could vote if their father or grandfather were allowed to vote before January 1,1867.

  • Parks, schools, hospitals, transportation systems in the south.

  • The 14th amendment

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

Review Questions Harvard University?

What were two popular spectator sports?

Who organized the first baseball club in New York City?

Where did people go to listen to boxing matches?

Who won the first World Series held in 1903?

Who founded the Negro Leagues in 1920?

Chapter 8 presentation period 5

Questions Harvard University?

Which two main factors enabled architects to design taller buildings?

What became Americas greatest contribution to architecture?

Elevators, and internal steel skeleton

The skyscraper

Which city became the first American city to electrify its urban transit?

Richmond, Virginia

Questions and answers
Questions and Answers Harvard University?

  • 1. What was the literacy rate of the U.S by 1890?

  • a. 90% b.85% c.80% d.75%

  • What was new paper made out of?

  • a. Wood Pulp b. Bark c. Sand D. Grass

  • Publishers increased ____, _____, and _____ to meet the needs of the people.

  • a. Newspapers b.

  • How many feet did the first flight cover?

  • a. 120 Feet b. 50 Feet c. 20 feet d. 5 feet

  • Where did the flight take place?

  • a. Kittyhawk, North Carolina b. New York, NY c. Houston, TX

  • When was the first intercontinental air mail service established.

  • a. 1920 b. 1943 c. 2003 d. 5007

Questions 1
Questions 1 Harvard University?

What kind of headline does the Americans use?

a. sad b. angry c. sensational Answer

ANSWER Harvard University?

C. Sensational

Question 23
Question 2 Harvard University?

Where was Joseph Pulitzer from and what did he buy?

a. France, G35 Coupe b. Denmark, land

c. Indian, Women d. Hungary, New York World


ANSWER Harvard University?

D. Hungary, New York World

Question 31
Question 3 Harvard University?

What did William Randolph Hearst not use in his newspaper?

a. cruelty b. pornography

c. hypnotism d. imaginary conquest of mars


ANSWER Harvard University?


Question 4
Question 4 Harvard University?

Who started the Ashcan School of American Art

a. George Washington b. Robert Henri

c. Eminem d. Danish


ANSWER Harvard University?

B. Robert Henri