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Engage with nGauge. Your direct access to what is really being said about you. Social media – vox populi. Why is it important to monitor social media? The power of on-line conversations to recruit, involve or disaffect individuals is undisputed

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engage with ngauge

Engage with nGauge

Your direct access to what is really being said about you

social media vox populi
Social media – voxpopuli
  • Why is it important to monitor social media?
    • The power of on-line conversations to recruit, involve or disaffect individuals is undisputed
    • Understanding what is being said about your brand and your offering will enable you to
      • Make the most of messages and events that have ‘hit the mark’
      • React appropriately to any negative issues
      • Know exactly where and how to respond to individuals and groups taking an active lead in shaping opinion about your brand
  • How do you monitor social media effectively?
    • Finding the most appropriate sites and sources
    • Cutting out noise (focusing on what is really important)
    • Instantly evaluating what is being said (instead of simply counting a number of mentions)
    • Looking at all the sources, not just three popular forums
making the most of social media
Making the most of social media
  • Focussing on what is important
    • Monitor a wide range of conversations
    • Find those that are making a difference
    • Intervene at the most effective junctions
    • And track changes in opinion over time
  • Select what interests you
    • Bespoke cleaning rules to cut out irrelevant ‘chatter’
    • Keywords and concepts
    • Classify into meaningful categories (tone / sentiment / intent, etc.)
  • Base your actions and your communications on what people really think about your brand and your products


nGauge approach

Intelligent filtering

thrudigital – Building Social Media

who is talking
Who is talking?
  • How important is one conversation compared with another?
    • The more often a topic appears, the more momentum the issue has, of course, but how to distinguish a lonesome blogger from a genuine influencer?
    • nGauge traces the number of active subscribers to any medium (blog / forum) and can assign a relevant weight to each based on the number of people who follow a given thread
  • How do you know where to find these people?
    • nGauge trawls the entire web looking at millions of conversations to find forums, blogs and websites with relevant content
    • We look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the news websites, but they are only part of the story…
  • nGauge identifies the most important platforms for your dialogue
ngauge listens you understand
nGauge listens, You understand
  • Finding, sorting and rating conversations by
    • Sentiment (positive, negative or neutral)
    • Topic (things, companies, and personalities)
    • Geography (locations mentioned or message origination)
    • Influence (visibility and following)
    • Reactivity (volume and influence of responses)
    • Intent (bespoke queries e.g. “is there an intent to purchase?”)
    • Brand perception (bespoke queries e.g. “is the brand perceived as risky or safe?”)
what can ngauge deliver
What can nGauge deliver?
  • Brand audits
  • Feedback on specific communications
  • Visibility check
  • Monitoring and tracking


  • Bespoke access to your data
    • Visual reporting
    • Topline and in-depth analysis
    • Tracking data (over time / wave-on-wave)
    • Flexible reporting frequencies
    • Live dashboards for your desktop with real-time feedback
    • Plus we store every single relevant conversation
auditing your brand
Auditing your brand

How much, what, where

excellent value for money
Excellent value for money
  • Brand audits from £6,750
  • Monthly monitor from £3,500
  • Individual client dashboard from £4,500 per month (min. 3 months)
  • Other bespoke work more than welcome

Barbara Alford

Research Director



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