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  1. engage

  2. The focus for today Today we will be looking in-depth at the Domain: Engage. We will be looking at the levels (1-4) within the model. A teacher can be doing the things found in all of a level or more often than not, doing the things found in parts of each of the levels. We will also be exploring each of the capabilities within Engage.

  3. Focusing on Engage ENGAGE- focuses on the 4 teacher capabilities of: • Develops shared norms • Determines readiness for learning • Establishes learning goals • Develops metacognitive capacity

  4. Unpacking the Levels in Engage On your tables are A3 sheets that provide a breakdown of each of the capabilities within the Domain of Engage.

  5. Matching tasks to capabilities On coloured cut out cards are tasks that Teachers at the 4 different levels would be doing for each of the capabilities. Fit the coloured cut out cards into their correct positions. How you do this is up to you as a team.

  6. Capability: Develops Shared Norms e5The teacher refers to shared norms in their interactions with students and shares responsibility with them for reinforcing protocols. PoLT 1.2 Promotes a culture of value and respect for individuals and their communities. PoLT 2.2 Uses strategies that build skills of productive collaboration.

  7. Capability: Develops metacognitive capacity Examples of what you can get students to do:

  8. Developmental Example

  9. Developmental example (cont)

  10. Capability: Establishes Learning Goals Writing student goals. SMART • Specific • Measureable • Achievable • Realistic • Time based i.e. In an effort to improve my learning I will… 1. to be on time everyday in math By the end of semester 1, I will have contributed more in my English group discussions but also give my class mates a chance to talk. I will keep a record of my progress. A daily entry mapping my progress will be an excellent way to help me understand what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.