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Presenter : Diana Nezamutinova MS Student PowerPoint Presentation
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Presenter : Diana Nezamutinova MS Student

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Presenter : Diana Nezamutinova MS Student - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presenter : Diana Nezamutinova MS Student. Supervisor: Prof. Diana Urge-Vorsatz. Environmental Sciences and Policy Department Central European University Budapest, Hungary. Summary of suggested Energy policy tools in Slovakia and Hungary. In the framework of the European Parliament Project

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Presentation Transcript

Presenter: Diana NezamutinovaMS Student

Supervisor: Prof. Diana Urge-Vorsatz

Environmental Sciences and Policy DepartmentCentral European UniversityBudapest, Hungary

Central European University


Summary of suggested Energy policy tools in Slovakia and Hungary

In the framework of the European Parliament Project

“Sustainable Energy Path in CEE countries”

Central European University



  • overview of current situation
    • Incentives;
    • Energy prices;
    • EI in Europe
  • Key suggested measures for increasing REEE:
    • Institutional;
    • Financial;
    • Informational;
    • Regulatory.

Central European University


Source: SPP, MEH

Central European University


Source: SE, MEH

Central European University


Key financial measures for REEE

  • VAT for EE and RES equipment from 20% to 14% - Slovakia from 25% to 12% - Hungary
  • Base rent price on the index of efficiency performance of the apartment (conduct energy audit prior) OR
  • Consider Investments made by tenants on retrofitting as a rent
  • Introduce accelerated depreciation for REEE investments

Central European University

informational measures to reee
Informational measures to REEE
  • More appliances and stand-by labelling
  • More Projects in tertiary sector, as they have large demonstration effect
  • Training of building administrators, decision-makers, architects, retailers
  • More Information about advantages of working with ESCOs

Central European University

key regulatory measures for reee
Key Regulatory measures for REEE
  • Include energy efficiency criteria in public procurement law
  • Monitor and adjust Programmes on REEE in line with the evolution of the market
  • Promote voluntary agreements b/w industry (chemistry, metallurgy in SLOVAKIA; paper and pharmaceutical in HUNGARY)

Central European University

  • Coordination between relevant institutions
  • Not subsidised energy prices
  • Financial and guaranteeing incentives
  • Demonstration and labelling
  • Strict enforced criteria for EE provisions

=====>>>>>>Increased Sustainability

Central European University


Thank you!


Diana Nezamutinova

Central European University


Acknowledgements to:

Central European University and European Parliament for supporting with a grant

Vladimir Hecl, director of ECB, Bratislava, Slovakia

Martin Bella, project manager, SEA, Bratislava, Slovakia

Gabriella Pal, advisor, at department of economic research and env. protection at HEO

Miclos Poos, Head of Energy and Transport Department at Ministry of Economic affairs

Gabor Szorenyi, head of energy supply and Cconsumer protection dpartment at HEO

Istvan Kovacsics, project manager, EGI, Budapest, Hungary

Laszlo Elek - head of department at Energy Centre, Budapest, Hungary

Judit Janossy, Gergana Miladinova - MS students,Central European University

Central European University