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The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister

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  1. The Prime Minister And the Cabinet

  2. Don’t forget your triangle Executive Judiciary Legislative

  3. Today Folks we are dealing with: TheExecutive (They Execute things)

  4. Task • In your own words describe what is meant by the Executive…..(clue we are dealing with the PM and their Cabinet here!!) • If that is the Executive what is meant by the Core Executive?

  5. THE CORE EXECUTIVE • The term ‘core executive’ refers to the key institutions at the centre of Government • It covers the PM, • Cabinet and it’s Committees, • The PMs Office, • The Cabinet Office (which includes Treasury, Law Officers and security and intelligence services)

  6. THE PRIME MINISTER • How can we tell who the Prime Minister is? • The Prime minister is a head of Government whose power normally derives from the leadership of the largest party in the legislature

  7. Task • In a Spider Diagram can you describe what the Prime Ministers role is?

  8. Co-ordinating and directing The work of Government Chair of Cabinet Controls House of Commons Forming a Government Appoints Ministers etc. Supervision of the Civil Service Decides the date of a General Election Requests dissolution from Monarch, but this is a formality, therefore determining date of election A NATIONAL LEADER Represents the UK on the world stage, signs treaties etc. First Lord of the Treasury Therefore a keen interest in Economic affairs Defence and foreign affairs, plus of course national security

  9. But also the Prime Minister enjoys • Apart from a night in with Cherie • “The Power of Patronage” • Appoints the Cabinet (20-23 people) • Ministers of State • Under Secretaries of State • Whips • Attorney General / Solicitor General

  10. Sooo how does one get selected? • Well you have to be a member of the HoC or the HoL • Selection from the PM himself or herself or thingy (Margaret) • So it helps to curry favour……voting with the Government on issues • Ability to hire and fire is the PMs single most powerful tool

  11. Other powers of Patronage • The creation of Peers • The appointment of other Civil Servants • Heads of Security Services • Chairs of Royal Commission • Recommendations on New Years honours List and Queens Birthday honours list • Sir R. J. Endacott KPD has a certain ring to it!! • (as Carter USM once sang….”for services to serious drinking I should get an OBE”!!)

  12. Task • Explain the power of Patronage (15 marks) • Explain in detail the role of the Prime Minister (30 marks)