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  1. PRIME MINISTER Name: Gordon Brown Age: 50 Constituency: Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Education: PhD in History Trivia: Blind in his left eye after a kick to the head playing rugby. Once dated Princess Margarita, daughter of exiled King Michael of Romania Name: David Cameron Age: 43 Constituency: Witney Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree Trivia: He’s royalty, basically: directly descended from King William IV. The KGB once tried to recruit him Name: Nick Clegg Age: 43 Constituency: Sheffield Hallam Education: Archaeology and Anthropology degree Trivia: Did community service in Germany after a case of arson: he and a friend burnt a professor’s collection of cacti

  2. CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER Name: Alistair Darling Age: 56 Constituency: Edinburgh South West Education: Law Trivia: Born in London, middle name is McLean, had a ‘brief’ first marriage in his youth Name: George Osborne Age: 38 Constituency: Tatton Education: Modern History Trivia: Changed his name at 13 from Gideon to George. Before entering politics, worked in the NHS (data entry) and Selfridges. Personal wealth estimated at £4.3m Name: Dr Vince Cable Age: 66 Constituency: Twickenham Education: PhD in Economics Trivia: Wears the wedding rings from both his marriages (his first wife died in 2001). A keen ballroom dancer

  3. HOME SECRETARY Name: Alan Johnson Age: 59 Constituency: Hull West and Hessle Education: Left school at 15 to stack shelves at Tesco. Then became a postman. Trivia: Orphaned at 12. Has been in two pop bands. Name: Chris Grayling Age: 47 Constituency: Epsom and Ewell Education: History Trivia: Born on April Fool’s Day. Born in London, Manchester United fan. Once hit a four off Aussie fast bowler Dennis Lillee Name: Chris Huhne Age: 55 Constituency: Eastleigh Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trivia: Owns seven houses. Would have won the Lib Dem leadership contest had 1,300 postal votes not got caught in the Christmas post

  4. FOREIGN SECRETARY Name: David Miliband Age: 44 Constituency: South Shields Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trivia: Son of Polish immigrants, father fled Belgium in WWII. Wife is a violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra Name: William Hague Age: 48 Constituency: Richmond (Yorks) Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trivia: Has an MBA from INSEAD. Father made soft drinks. Once claimed he “drank 14 pints of beer a day” as a teenager Name: Edward Davey Age: 44 Constituency: Kingston and Surbiton Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trivia: Won a bravery award in ‘95 for rescuing a woman who had fallen onto the tracks at Clapham Junction