earthquakes and tectonics n.
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Earthquakes and Tectonics PowerPoint Presentation
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Earthquakes and Tectonics

Earthquakes and Tectonics

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Earthquakes and Tectonics

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  1. Earthquakes and Tectonics

  2. The point on Earth’s surface directly above the earthquakes focus Answer

  3. Epicenter Home

  4. Energy released in the form of vibrations that travel outward in all directions from the focus through the surrounding rock Answer

  5. Seismic Waves Home

  6. A primary wave, or compression wave, that causes rock to move in a back and forth motion Answer

  7. P Waves Home

  8. A giant ocean wave that forms after an earthquake Answer

  9. Tsunami Home

  10. A region of numerous, closely spaced faults Answer

  11. Fault Zone Home

  12. A secondary body wave that causes rock to move in a side to side motion Answer

  13. S wave Home

  14. The location within Earth along a fault at which the first motion of an earthquake occurs Answer

  15. Focus Home

  16. This type of surface wave moves side to side and perpendicular to the direction the waves are traveling Answer

  17. Love wave Home

  18. This type of surface wave causes the ground to move with an elliptical, rolling motion Answer

  19. Raleigh Wave Home

  20. The primary, compression wave that moves through solids and liquids Answer

  21. P waves . Home

  22. Boundary between two plates that are colliding, creating a mountain range Answer

  23. Convergent Home

  24. Boundary where two plates are dividing, creating a mid-ocean ridge Answer

  25. Divergent Home

  26. What is created when two oceanic plates collide? Answer

  27. An Island Arc Home

  28. The boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally Answer

  29. Transform Boundary Home

  30. What type of boundary commonly causes earthquakes? Answer

  31. Transform Boundary Home

  32. What is the sudden return of elastically deformed rock to its undeformed shape, causing an earthquake? Answer

  33. Elastic Rebound Home

  34. What can studying seismic waves tell scientists? Answer

  35. What the layers of the Earth are made of, and where the shadow zones are located Home

  36. What is can be created when an earthquakes epicenter is on the ocean floor? Answer

  37. Tsunami Home

  38. What is the strength of an earthquake? Answer

  39. Magnitude Home

  40. What do we call the amount of damage an earthquake does? Answer

  41. Intensity Home

  42. What are the two body waves we have learned about? Answer

  43. Primary and Secondary waves ( P and S waves) Home

  44. What instrument creates a Seismogram? Answer

  45. Seismograph Home

  46. What are the two types of surface waves we learned about? Answer

  47. Love and Raleigh Waves Home

  48. True or False: The closer a city is to an epicenter, the more likely it is to have substantial damage Answer

  49. True Home

  50. What are the two scales that measure magnitude? Answer