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My Leadership Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road PowerPoint Presentation
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My Leadership Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road

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My Leadership Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road
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My Leadership Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road

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  1. My Leadership JourneyDown the Yellow Brick Road By Arianna Greco HDF 492 April 14, 2013

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • Highlights on Resume • Self Leadership • Outcome 14 • Outcome 9 • Leadership Theories • Outcome 38 • Inclusive Leadership/ Diversity and its Application to Leadership • Outcome 62 • Critical Thinking • Outcome 70 • Interpersonal and Organizational Concepts & Skills • Outcome 88 • Outcome 111 • End of Path

  3. Introduction Like Dorothy, I come from a small town but in Warren, NJ. Soft spoken and reserved, I rarely went out of my comfort zone. But then like the tornado, college hit me and left me with another turn of events. I have come across many influential people and events, both good and bad, along the way that have shaped my values and leadership style.Leaders make there own path and leave a trail. “Your path may not be easy and rosy but let defeats turn into stepping stone to success.” Follow my journey on the yellow brick road…

  4. Highlights on ResumeAccounting Major Leadership Studies Minor • Executive Board for Women in Business Club- Fall 2011- present • Officer for Beta Alpha Psi- February 2013- present • Relay For Life- Spring 2011-2013 • PricewaterhouseCoopers xTAX Competition- Fall 2011 • Habitat For Humanity, AL- Fall 2011 • URI 101 Business Mentor- Fall 2011 • SMILE Program- Spring 2011 • URI Leadership Institute- Fall 2010

  5. Ruby Slippers- My BasisOutcome 14 • Student will show application of Maslow’s theory to own life “Oh, There’s no place like home!”

  6. Ruby Slippers- My BasisOutcome 9 • Student will demonstrate practice of the personal values statement • Created a personal values statement to help find an internship that would match my values and what I hoped to gain from the experience • Passionate in building relationships and being a motivator in organization • Dependable, helpful, enthusiastic, and hardworking • Goals: to gain recognition and credibility for continued growth to eventually owning own business

  7. Acceptance Email

  8. Glinda The Good Witch- My GuidanceOutcome 38 • Student will describe personal application of “Relational Leadership” model by Komives, McMahon & Lucas “You’re capable of more than you know…”

  9. SMILE Mentor • Inclusive- got to know each middle school student and made sure all were included • Empowering- to do their best to reach the end goal • Purposeful-encouraged, enthusiastic • Ethical- made sure all got along (responsible), being there for each when needed (reliable) • Process Oriented- explained purpose of activity at the end

  10. Wicked Witch of the West- ObstaclesOutcome 88 • Student will show knowledge of techniques for working with difficult people “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!”

  11. Techniques • Understand personality clashes • Extrovert vs Introvert • Try to adapt to others’ strengths • Approach interpersonal conflicts as problems to be solved • Reframe person from being bossy to dependable • State goals and clear expectations • Overall, listen, give guidelines, and communicate effectively

  12. Wicked Witch of the West- ObstaclesOutcome 62 • Student will demonstrate personal application of McIntosh’s theory • Executive Board for Women in Business Club • Mission: We strive to empower the female population to gain a competitive advantage as they enter into the business world. • Acknowledge that white males do have certain privileges over females • Change and equality being promoted

  13. Flyer for a Meeting

  14. Wizard- KnowledgeOutcome 70 • Student will demonstrate proficiency of critical thinking “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  15. PricewaterhouseCoopersxTAX Competition • Groups compete in developing the best solutions to a tax case • Must be creative, patient, and open minded to process • Analyzed the case and Dissected unknown pieces to define • Gathered all information • Constructed and Evaluated all arguments • Evaluated all information sources • Tested solutions to related tax case

  16. Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion- RelationshipsOutcome 111 • Student will describe personal examples of building relationships with members as a leader “But I could show my prowess,Be a lion, not a "mowess,"If I only had the nerve.” –Cowardly Lion “Just because I'm presumin'That I could be kinda humanIf I only had a heart.” – Tin Man “And my head I'd be scratchin'While my thoughts were busy hatchin'If I only had a brain.” – Scarecrow

  17. Building Relationships • Trust in exchange for loyalty • URI 101 Business Mentor • Team building activities: On the Bus off the Bus, Jeopardy • Explain objectives and expectations of class • Women in Business Club • Constant communication • Be informative • Show you genuinely care

  18. URI freshman students doing a team building activity Jeopardy game for URI 101

  19. End of Path I always thought leadership meant having to be outspoken and empowering over all. Turns out, it is about knowing your strengths and how to utilize them to accomplish a common task with the support from others. From the leadership minor, I have established my own set of strengths, weaknesses, skills, and leadership style that suit me best. I have continued to challenge myself in utilizing them for all that I am involved in. I have gained the confidence, self esteem, enthusiasm, and knowledge to lead effectively as a servant leader. “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true.”