fedbizopps guidance for small businesses june 20 2012 n.
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FedBizOpps Guidance for Small Businesses June 20, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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FedBizOpps Guidance for Small Businesses June 20, 2012

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FedBizOpps Guidance for Small Businesses June 20, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FedBizOpps Guidance for Small Businesses June 20, 2012. Dawn Cail Assistant Deputy for Small Business NAVFAC Atlantic. FBO - The Basics.

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FedBizOpps Guidance for Small Businesses June 20, 2012

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fedbizopps guidance for small businesses june 20 2012

FedBizOpps Guidance for Small BusinessesJune 20, 2012

Dawn Cail

Assistant Deputy for Small Business

NAVFAC Atlantic

fbo the basics
FBO - The Basics

Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps and/or FBO) is the single government point-of-entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers are able to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet.

Through one portal - FedBizOpps (FBO) - commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community.

  • Note: This guidance was developed to assist Small Businesses Interested in Working with NAVFAC Atlantic Commands. Additional training information is available at https://www.fbo.gov.
fbo the basics continued
FBO - The Basics (Continued)

NAVFAC publicly posts its contracting opportunities at (FBO) (https://www.fbo.gov/) and/or Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) (https://www.neco.navy.mil/).

FBO includes all requirements estimated at more than $25,000 and NECO includes all NAVFAC procurements that are required to be posted. NAVFAC requirements are actually posted to NECO first and those with an estimated dollar value greater than $25,000 are then automatically uploaded to FBO.

NECO is the sole location from which NAVFAC procurements estimated less than $25,000 can be obtained.

contract number procurement instrument identification general info
Contract Number/Procurement Instrument Identification – General Info

Basic Contract Number or Procurement Instrument Identification/Identifier (PII) Information is provided to Assist Small Businesses in Identifying What Activity Issued or Awarded a particular project.

DFARS 204.7003 (a) provides information on the elements of a Basic PII number. A Basic PII consists of 13 alpha-numeric characters.

- Positions 1 through 6 identify the department/agency/office by use of their DoDACC/UIC

- Positions 7 and 8 identify the fiscal year the PII number was assigned (the last two digits of the fiscal year)

- Position 9 identifies the type of instrument (i.e., B=Invitation for Bid; C=contract of any type except indefinite delivery; D=Indefinite Delivery contract; R=Request for Proposal; and Q=Request for Quotations).

- Positions 10 through 13 are assigned by the activity using a series of sequential numbers.

navfac atlantic activity identifiers
NAVFAC Atlantic Activity Identifiers

The Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) and/or the Unit Identification Code (UIC) is a six position code that uniquely identifies a unit, activity, or organization that has the authority to requisition and/or receive material.

NAVFAC Atlantic and its Echelon IV Commands’ DoDACC/UICs are provided. The Echelon IV Commands issue work to cover their applicable geographic areas.

More information about NAVFAC is available at https://www.navfac.navy.mil.

searching fedbizopps
Searching FedBizOpps
  • First Step - Perform a Quick Market Search
    • Go to: https://www.fbo.gov
    • No need to log in
    • In the Keyword/Solicitation# box enter NAVFAC Atlantic’s UIC: N62470 (or other desired NAVFAC UIC).
searching fedbizopps continued
Searching FedBizOpps (Continued)

FBO will generate a listing of all Market Research and Solicitations that the selected Activity has recently posted. Note that you can change the parameters (number of days since actions were posted, Set-Aside Code, Place of Performance, or Type [of Notice]) to narrow or expand your search.

searching fedbizopps continued2
Searching FedBizOpps (Continued)

Next Step – Select Solicitation/Review Interested Party Lists

  • Select desired solicitation
  • FBO will bring up the solicitation with information available for review to be found on three separate Tabs
    • The Notice Details Tab will include the synopsis, sources sought announcement, special notice, or solicitation and all amendments.
    • The Packages Tab will include links to download the solicitation, amendments and other files.
    • The Interested Vendor List will provide a list of Contractors that have viewed the solicitation.
recovery and reinvestment act opportunities and awards
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Opportunities and Awards

Locate Recovery and Reinvestment Act Opportunities & Awards

On the FBO home page at https://www.fbo.gov/ on the right side of the page, there is a section dedicated to Recovery and Reinvestment Act actions. Although the Recovery Act did include an end date it included a set dollar value of $840B, the majority of which has been obligated.

advanced searches
Advanced Searches

This and the next several pages include FBO screen shots to demonstrate different searches and results that can be obtained based on the criteria used to perform the searches.

advanced searches continued
Advanced Searches (Continued)

Under the Advanced Search Tab there are a variety of search criteria that can be selected including posted date, a place of performance selection by either state or zip code, the set-aside code used, the type of opportunity/procurement, agency office/location, whether or not the procurement is a Recovery and Reinvestment action, keyword or solicitation number (manual entry), NAICs code, Classification Code, J&A, etc.

For those new to creating searches in FBO, recommend that the searches be as broad as practical (use only 1-2 different criteria) to ensure that opportunities are not missed.

helpful hints for performing searches
Helpful Hints for Performing Searches

If using SB set-aside type to narrow searches

  • Be sure to include all categories of SB for which you qualify

If looking for opportunities to propose on and not doing market research

  • Eliminate Award Notices from the search parameters
helpful hints for performing searches continued
Helpful Hints for Performing Searches (Continued)

Use NAICS codes to help narrow the search results

  • Recommend using high level NAICS, i.e., 236, 237, and/or 238 to avoid eliminating opportunities

Due to possible data entry errors or use of incorrect NAICS codes your searches may miss a few opportunities

  • Much easier than the old paper format. Happy Searching!!
setting up a fedbizopps account
Setting Up a FedBizOpps Account

After determining the search criteria that provides you with the best results for your organization; establish a vendor/citizen account with FBO. Once your FBO account is established you can have your search automatically performed and the results emailed to you at your desired frequency. Create your account from the FBO homepage. The search and create saved search feature uses the same search parameters allowed on the Advanced Search Tab.

small business events and vendor collaboration
Small Business Events and Vendor Collaboration

Two new features have been recently added to FBO. Small Business Events and Vendor Collaboration.

small business events and vendor collaboration continued
Small Business Events and Vendor Collaboration (Continued)

To find Small Business events of interest, use the button on the FBO homepage or search for the notice type 'special notice' with the keyword phrase "Small Business Events."

If desired, you can refine the results of your "Small Business Events" search by fields such as Federal agency, location, date posted, etc.

The new Small Business Event Listing provides a dynamic "calendar" for allowing small business users to search for business development, matchmaking, and training opportunities by various criteria, including agency, date, location, and small business category.

small business events and vendor collaboration continued1
Small Business Events and Vendor Collaboration (Continued)

The Vendor Collaboration feature is a new central location for Agencies seeking vendor input on ideas to publicize information about the pending collaboration opportunity. It is also the central location for vendors whom are interested in providing input to improve federal acquisitions, to find information on collaboration and engagement opportunities.

At a minimum each Vendor Collaboration notice will include:

  • Collaboration description - what are the objectives?
  • Date or date ranges for the collaboration opportunity;
  • Times (if applicable);
  • Who can participate;
  • Platform being used and link to the platform or engagement opportunity;
  • Point of contact.
wrap up
Wrap Up

For questions or additional assistance regarding doing business with NAVFAC Atlantic contact:

Barbara Taylor, Deputy for Small Business

NAVFAC Atlantic

Phone (757) 322-4430

Email to: barbara.n.taylor@navy.mil


Dawn Cail, Assistant Deputy for Small Business

NAVFAC Atlantic

Phone (757) 322-8308

Email to: dawn.cail@navy.mil