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Technology Trends for Small Businesses

Technology Trends for Small Businesses. Pat Egen Patricia Egen Consulting www.egenconsulting.com. Who Am I. President of Patricia Egen Consulting – a 12-year old small business Computer consulting firm Sage Platinum and IBM Business partner

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Technology Trends for Small Businesses

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  1. Technology Trends for Small Businesses Pat Egen Patricia Egen Consulting www.egenconsulting.com

  2. Who Am I • President of Patricia Egen Consulting – a 12-year old small business Computer consulting firm • Sage Platinum and IBM Business partner • Specialize in ACT by Sage, Lotus Notes, custom programming, Microsoft Office and helping businesses find the right technology for the right job.

  3. What’s Hot • Social Media marketing Meet ROI - enterprise social networking - digital marketing • Cloud computing - not going to go there now. • EMarketing - Swiftpage, constant contact • Gotomeeting - Skype - don't fly, use the internet • Virtual PBX - automatically routing calls to everyone in your office or • The most important tool in your gadget toolbox - your cell phone. • Google in your friend - iGoogle, Google Apps, telling Google you are a local business (LBC – Local Business Connector)

  4. Cool Gadgets • 2010 is the year of the shrinking gadget • Netbook computers • Smaller, faster, smarter phones • Digital tablets • iPad, Kendle, etc.

  5. Cooler Gadgets - 1 • Gesture TV’s and monitors • No more remotes • Wave your hand to control the computer or TV • Windows 7 has lots of touch screen abilities • watch the weather man swipe across the screen – he’s using a Windows 7 application • Zosh • Sign something on a screen with your finger and then send digitally

  6. Cooler Gadgets - 2 • Phone Halo – don’t leave home without it. Lets you know you’ve left without your cell phone

  7. Digital Recorders • Use video players to make YouTube videos for your business • This device will record HD videos to Type-1 Compact Flash (CF) solid-state media. • Attach the flash card to your MAC or PC and you’ve got instant video transfer. • Canon FS-CF and FS-CF Pro portable Compact Flash DTE recorders will be available in late April 2010 for between $995 and $1,295

  8. Things to Help you manage your day • Ubernote – notetaking on steroids • Google Notebook • Voice Recognition • Jott.com – call up a 1-800 number and transcribe – get sent your comments in a text email • Dragon-Speaking – talk into your computer and it types what you say • FreeMind – free mind mapping software • Google Docs – share documents online instead of emailing back and forth • Send large files • Yousendit.com and sendthisfile.com • Digsby.com – integrate email, social networking, IM in one place.

  9. Other Tools • Yelp.com • Google Latitude • Foursquare • Mozy for backup • Google Apps and Microsoft office Live

  10. Virtual PBX services • Can replace a traditional physical phone system with a more feature-rich solution while delivering the side benefit of making your business appear larger than it is. • For example, VirtualPBX.com Inc., the pioneer in the industry, lets a company give its remote employees an 800 or local number that makes it look as if the individuals are working out of an office. • The service routes the calls to whatever phone number the employee prefers, such as a mobile or even a VoIP number.

  11. SKYPE for Business • Skype Limited’s Skype for Business delivers more than just VoIP calls, but also face-to-face video calls, large file sharing, collaboration and more • Business Control Panel that lets you easily set up employee accounts, allocate credit, set up online numbers, etc

  12. The Apple Craze • iPhone • Cool, catching up for Business users • iPad • Jury is still out • No Flash • Difficult wi-fi connectivity

  13. Hot trends • Tweetdeck • Seesmic • NutshellMail.com • Gist • Xobni – managing Outlook • Batchbook • More touch aware apps - i.e.. a gesture will start something - swiping your hand to make things happen on the screen

  14. Want to stay on top of stuff • www.alltop.com • Read anything by Seth Godin • Guy Kawasaki http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2010/01/5-social-media-tools-for-small-businesses.html • Mashable.com • Alltop.com

  15. What do I use? • My motorola Backflip • My pen – Logitech Digital IO • My bluetooth adapter for PC • ACT! by Sage to manage my day • Gotomeeting for virtual conferences • SKYPE for internet calling • Pidgen for all in one instant messaging • iGoogle for everything in one place • Tweetdeck • Wordpress for my blog • Just now trying Digsby

  16. iGoogle – Everything in one Place

  17. My Contact Manager

  18. Other tools

  19. Want to get noticed - Write a Blog

  20. Demo2010 talked about these trends • EzTexting, lets you easily send SMS text messages to customers to help capture their attention at the right place, and right time. • SugarSync, helps you manage multiple devices, locations, versions, authors, editors, etc. by synching up everything on all your devices automatically. • Broadlook Technologies, Inc.’s Profiler, which helps you quickly find key contact details–names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, bios, media mentions and more–for companies and imports it into your CRM solution or sales database.

  21. Any questions? • Go to www.egenconsulting.com and click on the Support page to download this presentation. There will be a link on that page.

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