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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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  1. Wednesday, June 20, 2012

  2. Personal Touch to the esteemed guests with warm welcome & one to one interaction during the Dinner at Sharma Resort…

  3. Thursday, June 21, 2012 Inauguration of Cold Rolling, Galvanizing & Colour Coating Lines (2nd Phase Expansion Project)

  4. Welcome to Indian Steel Corporation, Bhimasar

  5. Inauguration of Cold Rolling, Galvanizing & Colour Coating Lines (2nd Phase Expansion Project), Thursday, June 21st, 2012 The second day of “Shukla Paksha” during the “Aasadha” month of our Hindu Calendar, heralds the advent of rains over the parched region of Kutch in Gujarat. This day, which coincides with the English Calendar of 21st of June, is also celebrated as the Kutch New Year and marks the start of the auspicious phase of the brightening moon. In the annals of the history of Indian Steel Corporation, the 21st of June 2012 will also be recorded as the day on which its second phase expansion project was inaugurated. A commitment made to the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, during the “Vibrant Gujarat Summit” in 2009 was finally fulfilled and that too in record time. All this was made possible by the untiring efforts and sustained hard work of Team ISCL. A plant which started with a capacity to produce 2 Lac Metric Tonnes of steel is now on the threshold of delivering 6 Lac Metric Tonnes of Steel annually.

  6. As the sun beat down mercilessly on the soil of Kutch, a helicopter carrying the CM, Shri Narendra Modi made a regal entry from the eastern side of the ISCL Steel Plant, Bhimasar at 1215hrs. It hovered over the plant for a while, as if absorbing the magnificence of the structure and then gracefully landed on the newly laid out helipad at the plant premises, Shri Narendra Modi was received on the tarmac by the Managing Director Shri Umesh Shahra and the Executive Director Shri Arjun Zalani. He then drove in a motorcade, along the eastern road and was received at Gate number 12 by our revered Chairman Shri Kailash Shahra. A warm welcome followed by presentation of bouquets by Miss Supriya Shahra and Miss Sunaina Shahra, daughters of Shri Umesh Shahra, lent an appropriate and traditional Indian flavor to the festive occasion. The CM started his visit by planting a sapling, signifying the start of a commitment made by ISCL to plant 20,000 saplings during the coming months. A much desired green initiative which we at ISCL are fully committed to achieve. The CM then cut a ribbon thereby indicating commissioning of the cold rolling, galvanizing and color coating lines as part of 2nd phase expansion project of ISCL. He then launched the start of color coating operations. The CM also unveiled a plaque in commemoration of his visit to the ISCL Steel Plant at Bhimasar.

  7. He envisaged a keen interest in the color coating line and enquired about the capacity of the plant and the volumes that were expected to be achieved. The CM was also all praise and inquisitive about the large number of products displayed at the product gallery of ISCL and complimented the company for maintaining excellent standards and quality of products. The Honorable Chief Minister then arrived at the Dias and was welcomed to a standing ovation. Our esteemed guests who included members of Mitsui, JFE, bankers, dealers, vendors, traders, suppliers and people from the District Administration were at hand to accord a rousing welcome to ShriNarendraModi. The CM was welcomed on stage by our Chairman who adorned the CM with a Malwa Turban and a shawl. This was followed by a floral welcome of ShriNarendraModi and SmtSumitraMahajan by our Managing Director Shri Umesh Shahra who then took the rostrum to accord a formal welcome to the CM and other honored guests and reiterated that the presence of the Chief Minister was a great source of inspiration for all of us (Text of Speech Attached). A Welcome address was then made by Mr. Makoto Suzuki, Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd., during which he also read out a message from the Ambassador of Japan in India.

  8. The Chairman, ShriKailash Shahra, then addressed the gathering and thanked the CM for providing the necessary impetus to the growth of Industry in Gujrat. He also said that the very fact that Mitsui & Co. Japan had joined hands with us to invest in the ISC plant was itself indicative of the global confidence in the policies of the Govt. of Gujarat. His speech was followed by the release of a new ISCL brochure, colourcoating brochure by the Hon. CM. Subsequently, Smt. SumitraMahajan recalled the days of 2001, when Kutch was devastated by an earthquake and said that the transformation which had taken place since then was truly impressive. She complimented the CM on his policy of inclusive development and wished all the success to Gujarat and ISCL. It was then the turn of ShriNarendraModi to address the august gathering. He began by complimenting ISCL on its achievement and hoped that the company would grow from strength to strength. He also mentioned that the region of Kutch does not have any iron ore, which is the basic raw material required for production of steel, yet it had emerged as the largest steel producing hub and that too in a very short span of time. He said that the State of Gujarat promoted all round growth and had proved to the world that industrial and agricultural development can take place hand in hand. He said that Gujarat had achieved all round and inclusive growth by adopting a strategy for balanced development.

  9. Glimpses of the Event

  10. Welcoming Esteemed Guests at Gate No. 10

  11. Plantation Activity

  12. Welcoming Shri Narendra Bhai Modiji Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat

  13. Plantation & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by the Chief Guest

  14. Ceremonial Welcome with the Pipe Band from 12 JAK LI Battalion

  15. Facilities to be inaugurated

  16. Inauguration of State-of-the-art-technology Colour Coating Line on an auspicious Muhurta…

  17. Unveiling the Plaque

  18. Honorable Chief Guest experiencing the manufacturing process

  19. Welcome on the Dias with the Royal Malwi Tradition

  20. Welcome address by Shri Umesh Shahra Managing Director, ISCL

  21. Address by Mr. Makoto Suzuki Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.

  22. Address by Shri Kailash Shahra Chairman, ISCL

  23. Address by SMT. Sumitra Mahajan Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)