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Auto Mark. e X empla Engineering Sector of: Scholastic Engineering Associates at bartlett high school. Crayola Marker Sealant . Top View. Isometric View.

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auto mark


eXempla Engineering

Sector of:

Scholastic Engineering Associates

at bartlett high school

Crayola Marker Sealant

Top View

Isometric View

The Blue is the inside sponge (wick) and nib of a standard Crayola Marker. The outer Grey area is the 3 piece sealant we plan to put around the wick to reduce the nib’s surface contact with air (the main reason why nib’s dry out.



Top/Bottom Connector

Side View

Bottom/ Nib Protector

Front View

The Blue is the inside wick of a standard marker. The Gray is the outer shell of our marker, which includes the reservoir that contains the wick. The grey is also the connector piece that connects the reservoir to the piece that holds the nib.

Top View


Side View

Top Piece

Top/Bottom with


Bottom/nib holder

Enlarged View

Top View

Full Marker Assembly

Isometric View

Assembly view of the marker with the outer shell made translucent for internal viewing.

The grip is grey.

This view is with the marker sealant protracted.

Outer Shell


Side View

Front View

Top View

This is with the marker sealant retracted.

The idea of this marker is that the aluminum wire between the reservoir and the outer shell is pulled down when the grip is pushed in. The wire is connected to a two pulley system that will, when the grip is pushed in, pull down the marker reservoir so the nib is exposed for writing. When the child lets go of the grip, the nib will automatically retract.

Side View

Front View

Isometric View

Outer casing

THE OUTER CASING IS WHAT THE CUSTOMER IS GOING TO SEE AND USE. When the two sides are put together along with the grip, it makes up the outer appearance of the marker.

Nib protector

This component secures the marker nib from slipping out.

Nib connector

The nib connector connects the reservoir and the nib holder, with the marker nib in between. Together with the nib protector, reservoir, it creates an airtight seal


The grip is what the customer pushes in to operate the marker. When pushed in, it applies tension on the wire and force the nib and reservoir to protract.

Airtight seal

This is the subassembly of the reservoir, nib protector, and the nib connector that automatically creates an airtight seal, protecting the nib from air and keeping it from drying out.

Wick reservoir

The reservoir protects the wick from any bleeding. Along with the nib protector and holder, it makes the airtight subassembly, protecting the nib from contact with air when retracted

Marker assembly

Full marker assembly. This is what the customer will see and hold.