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  1. WELCOME PARENTS! AIM: What will your young adult be learning this year? DO NOW: In one word, describe your FAVORITE teacher. LESSON: POWER POINT PRESENTATION!

  2. What is American Literature? Does it include Native American myths? Is it by African American authors? What about Latino, Mexican and Hispanic writers?

  3. English Language ArtsCAST American Literature11th Grade

  4. Overarching Question “How does American literature reflect the interaction between various cultural groups and their forms during the construction of the U.S.” The overarching question above is one that you will think about during every single unit; throughout the year and perhaps even throughout your life. It is not meant to have an absolute answer.

  5. Essential Questions • You will ponder on, explore and strive to understand the various answers behind these Essential Questions that comprise the whole year’s worth of lessons. • What is the “melting pot” in America? • What is the American Dream? • Is the American Dream accessible and attainable for everyone? • What does it mean to have an American identity?

  6. Essential Questions Continued… • Is it possible to be bi-cultural in America? • What is assimilation and why is it so important in America? • Do values and morals play a role in American culture? • Is there such a thing as one American identity? • Is the American culture a universal concept? • “Who is US?” Adrienne Rich • Who determines what is American and what is not?

  7. Literature Offerings

  8. Who is Ms. Dave? I loove the beach… I looove to travel… I looove animals… I loooove to read…. I loove to hike…

  9. And... Music for my highs, lows and memories…. Myfavorite band is U2… I LOOOOOVE MUSIC… Music to focus, breathe and imagine… Music for my soul: Jazz