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Welcome Parents!

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Welcome Parents!
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Welcome Parents!

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  1. Welcome Parents! Back to School Night Mrs. Danner 5th Grade Hi!

  2. Background Education Graduated from KSU. Received M.S. in Reading from FHSU. Taught 14 years, nine at Sunnyside. I am married and have two children: Chloe, 6 and Ethan, 4.

  3. Communication I am here for you and your student. It is my goal for your student to be as successful as possible. Parent/Teacher communication has a direct impact on your student’s success. Please do not hesitate to call (780-7680), email (mdannerss@olatheschools.com), or send a note. Newsletters will be posted on the website every Friday. Assignment books are expected to be filled out by the student every day. “*” designates homework due the next day. Please look and sign the assignment book every day.

  4. Class List Josh Albright Jacob Leone Celina Wehr Jake Barker Lindsey McCue Lydia Benge Luke Meenahan KainenBez-Marsh Peyton Neylon Kayla Burke Hayley Nitz Vincent Carlson Jacob Peters Jennifer Cleveland C.J. Ramos Jarod George Zach Ray Hannah Kesler Isaiah Reasby KaedynKrizek Oakley Reed Sydney KuteyChrystian Rojas-Moreira

  5. Supplies Thank you for sending supplies with your student. No binders or Trapper Keepers this year due to smaller desks. Instead we will be using folders and spirals. Each student has their own storage box for extra supplies.

  6. Schedule School Hours – 8:20 to 3:40 Students are in the gym until 8:15 At 3:40 we will dismiss through the bike rack doors. Specials – A Day 9:30 Art, 1:00 Band/Strings B Day 9:30 Music, 10:00 PE C Day 9:30 Library, 10:00 Music , 1:00 Band/Strings D Day 9:00 Computer, 9:30 Spanish E Day 9:30 Spanish, 10:00 PE , 1:00 Band/Strings Counselor, and Special Chorus to be determined.

  7. Lunch & Healthy Snacks Lunch is from 12:15 to 12:40. I do allow midmorning snacks. Students are allowed to bring fruits and veggies. Please prep food before sending it to school. Each student brings their own snack.

  8. Grade 5 Curriculum Language Arts – Six Trait Writing, Harcourt Series, Silent Reading, Read Aloud, Spelling, & Vocabulary Math –Problem Solving, Number Sense, Computation, Measurement, Geometry, Estimation, Fractions, Decimals, Functions & Patterns, Algebra, & Probability & Statistics Science – Light & Sound, Forces in Motion, Human Body Systems & Development, and Oceans & Weather Social Studies – Geography & Map Skills, Early Americans, Explorers, Early Colonies, American Revolution, US Government, and Economics – Mini Society

  9. Grading Grading Scale: A = 90 – 100% B = 80 – 89% C = 70 – 79% D = 60 – 69% N = 0 – 59% Grades will be sent home at mid-term and end of quarter. If you would like updates please give me a call or email. Work turned in late will have a 10% or more reduction. Not turning in an assignment is not an option. Receive grades in reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and social studies

  10. Assessments Beginning of Year District Reading and Math Aug. and Sept. Kansas Writing – Nov. and Dec. Kansas Reading – March Kansas Math – March and April District Social Studies - May

  11. Homework Will we have homework in Fifth Grade? Yup! Monday – Math Tuesday – Reading Wednesday – Math & Spelling Thursday – Reading

  12. Homework The amount of homework your child receives beyond this schedule is based on how well he/she uses class time. Studying for tests and completing book reports will also occur at home. (Can work at school if all other work is completed first and there is time.) Please let me know if your child is having trouble completing homework.

  13. Learning Excursions Ernie Miller Nature Center October 26, 2009 Spring Excursion to be determined. Parent participation is encouraged! Please plan to join us!

  14. Your Homework Assignment Please complete the questionnaire about your student and send back with your student. Please send me an email from the address you wish to use for communication. mdannerss@olatheschools.com Check out the website at: https://teachers.olatheschools.com/mdannerss/

  15. Celebrations • There will be a 5th grade parent meeting on August 25th. • There are many ways to help in the classroom. Please sign up for: • Parties-supplies and/or helpers • Kindness Ambassador • Learning Excursions • To help in the classroom/Watchdogs • Or take a sticky note and donate supplies to the classroom Your help is very much appreciated!

  16. Please write your student a note and leave it on his/her desk.

  17. Thank you for coming! I look forward to an exciting year of learning With your student. Have a nice evening! Mrs. Danner