Researching a photographic practitioner
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Researching a photographic practitioner. Adam Clarke 4 th November. About David Doubilet. David Doubilet is a well recognised underwater photographer, born on 28 November 1946. His work is mostly published in the National Geographic Magazine.

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Researching a photographic practitioner

Researching a photographic practitioner

Adam Clarke

4th November

About david doubilet
About David Doubilet

  • David Doubilet is a well recognised underwater photographer, born on 28 November 1946.His work is mostly published in the National Geographic Magazine.

  • He started taking photos underwater at the age of 12, he did this by placing a Brownie Hawkeye in a rubber anesthesiologist’s bag to keep the water from destroying the camera. Later in his life he worked as a diver and photographer for the Sandy Hook Marin Laboratories in New Jersey.

  • While he was a dive instructor in the Bahamas he found motivation to capture the beauty of the sea and everything in it.

  • His goal as a photographer is to redefine photographic boundaries every time he enters the water by capturing all the underwater wildlife.

  • Doubilet’s ingenuity lead him to invent the split lens camera, this allows him to take photos above and below water at the same time. It works by having a separate focus point on the top half and bottom half of the scene.

  • Dubilet has over sixty stories for the National Geographic and published many books on his own. He has also received many awards for his work.

G enre

  • There are many different genres of photography nowadays such as:

    • Fashion

    • Landscape Photography

    • Film Stills Photography

    • Art Photograph

    • Music Photography

    • Sport Photography

    • Research Photography

    • Press Photography (Documentary)

    • Portraiture

    • Paparazzi

    • Nature Photography

    • Industrial Photography

    • Advertising Photography

    • Forensic Photography

    • Scientific Photography

    • War Photography

  • David Doubilet specialises in underwater landscapes and sealife.

What i like about their work
What I like about their work

  • I like David Doubilet’s photos because I like the unusual landscapes that would not be able to be seen without his photography. It allows me to see something new that i wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

  • I also like how he captures sealife doing things that you wouldn’t think they would do together. (swimming together)