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Photographic Montage

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Photographic Montage
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Photographic Montage

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  1. Photographic Montage By: Lisa Benoit, Nicole Davis, and Cassidy Richard

  2. Doing an ordinary thing in a creative way. This picture was taken in Florida this year during the Thanksgiving holidays. We took a trip to the Gulfarium and this was a creative way to feed the animals.

  3. Three examples of Flexibility This child must be a genius. At such a young age, she can manage the phone, computer, and television remote. Watching 3 classes at one time while teachers had certain situations arise. Teachers are able to learn, grow, brainstorm, and reflect in another state (San Francisco, California) while enjoying the beautiful weather, company, and entertainment of the city.

  4. An art form in an unlikely setting It is very unusual to see such a nice vehicle in the school parking lot. Mrs. Davis’ husband did a wonderful job surprising her with a new car for their 1 year wedding anniversary!

  5. A problem solved in a unique way This is a picture of a student, Meagan, from Mrs. Davis’ class. She is extremely creative and created a guitar for herself just for fun with old things she found around her house. When a few classmates wanted one too, she decided to make a few more to share with those students.

  6. Something Shakespeare would write about This is a pic taken from a Tennessee family vacation. Shakespeare would possibly write about the Gates of Graceland or the tragedy of Elvis’ untimely death.

  7. A problem that needs to be solved Teachers do not get a chance to relax and have fun together very often. This problem needs to be solved. Teachers would be much happier if there were more opportunities to explore our own creativity.

  8. A basis for a Mozart composition Mozart may get inspired from snow or after creating a snowman on a very odd Wintery day in 2009.

  9. Something Taylor Swift or Michael Jackson would write a song about Something that these two artists would write about is Love! A high school sweetheart kind of love or a relationship between best friends.

  10. Interview of Someone in the act of creating • Question: “Why?” • Dianne : It all began as a creative invention for my creativity class. • Question: “How?” • Dianne: I used various spring items someone may find around the house • Question: “What?” • Dianne: A hose, ribbon, greenery, flowers, and a colorful bird decoration • Question: “When?” • Dianne: This was created last weekend. It was time consuming, but I thoroughly enjoyed the project. It is hanging in my house. It brings a smile on my face and celebrates Spring!

  11. Dianne’s Spring Wreath