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Entering/Exiting the Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Entering/Exiting the Classroom

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Entering/Exiting the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entering/Exiting the Classroom

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  1. Entering/Exiting the Classroom Entering the Classroom • Have a seat at your desk and CHECK THE ASSIGNMENT BOARD. There you’ll find what we’re doing today. • Copy your homework/reminders/assignments into your planner immediately. • Begin your bellwork. ____________________________________ Exiting the classroom: • Mrs. Casiday dismisses the class, not the bell. • Do not pack up unless you’ve been given permission • Exit in an orderly fashion WHEN you have been dismissed.

  2. Leaving during Class • Only in an emergency! DO NOT disrupt class. • You are expected to use the facilities and have all of your materials prior to coming to class. • In the event that you need to leave the classroom, you must fill out one of your yellow passes and have it initialed by Mrs. Casiday. • Once permission is given, it is given ONLY for that specific errand. Going anywhere/doing anything else while away from the classroom is considered skipping class. • When you return, QUIETLY return to your seat. • Mrs. Casiday reserves the right to deny any request.

  3. Turning in Work • MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON IT!!! • Also, put your number, the date, and your class period on your paper • Put it in your class drawer • Class drawers are on the back shelf, labeled with your class period • The first person to turn in their paper should remove the class drawer from the unit and place it on top • NEVER EVER EVER put papers on Mrs. Casiday’s desk!!!!!!!

  4. Appearance of Work • All work should be completed on loose-leaf paper. • If you must use spiral paper, cut off the “fringe” before turning in work. • All work must be neat and legible. • All work should be your very best effort. • If your work is sub-par, Mrs. Casiday may return it to you to be done again. It will be considered late.

  5. Writing Utensils • ALWAYS have something to write with! • You may use pencil, or blue or black ink on any assignments. • If you must borrow a writing utensil from Mrs. Casiday, you must trade collateral. (cell phone, house key, lunch money) • No funky colors, no glitter ink, no markers, no crayons, no colored pencils, no lipstick or eyeliner

  6. Classroom Materials • All materials located around the room are for use IN this class. Do not remove them from the room. • If you use any of our classroom materials, put them back where you found them! • If you use the last of something, or realize as you use it that it is broken, dispose of it properly. • Markers, colored pencils, crayons, and glue sticks are in the green rolling cart by the computer table. • Scissors, tape, and 3-hole punch are in the first drawer to the left under the counter. • Dictionaries and thesauruses are in the far left upper cabinet. • Other various supplies are located in the “tool kit” on the counter. The drawers are labeled.

  7. Visitors in the classroom • If I stop what I am doing to speak with our visitor, you should quietly read in your AR book and stay in your seats until the conversation is finished. • If I continue what I’m doing, you continue what you’re doing.

  8. Guest Teachers • In the event I am unable to teach, and we have a guest teacher instead, you are expected to treat that teacher with the UTMOST respect. • You know our rules and procedures, and I expect you to follow them in full, whether I am here or not. • I ask every guest teacher to leave very detailed notes for me. I will address all notes, good and bad, when I return. • Classes who act in a respectful way will be rewarded; classes who do not meet my expectations will be sorry.

  9. Classroom Library • You are welcome to look though and borrow books from our classroom library. • The library is “OPEN” during bell work, seat work, and other individual times. The library is “CLOSED” during lecture and group work. • If you find a book you’d like to borrow, fill out the LIBRARY LOG • If there is a book you’d like to see added to our classroom library, fill out the shopping list and I’ll see what I can do!

  10. Late Work • Your work is LATE if it is not turned in WHEN it is called for. If you find it half-way through class it’s late. If you bring it back after class, it’s late. If you bring it tomorrow it’s late. • If you do not have the requested assignment, you must fill out a PINK SLIP instead. Complete the top portion and turn it in to your class drawer. • Your late assignment will be returned with the bottom portion of the Pink Slip attached.

  11. No Name Work • Any work turned in without a name will be graded, then posted to the No Name board. • If you know you turned in an assignment, but did not get it back, check the No Name board. If you find it, put your name on it and TURN IT BACK IN! • If you do not turn it back in I will never know to whom it belonged and you will have a zero on the assignment!

  12. If You Are Absent • Check the Assignment Board to see what we did while you were out. • If there are any handouts, check the Make-Up Work boxes to retrieve them. • If we took a test or quiz, immediately schedule a make-up with me. • If there was homework or a project due the day you were out, immediately turn it in.