moving to advanced supercritical plant capture ready measures l.
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Moving to Advanced Supercritical Plant & Capture-Ready Measures PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving to Advanced Supercritical Plant & Capture-Ready Measures

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Moving to Advanced Supercritical Plant & Capture-Ready Measures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving to Advanced Supercritical Plant & Capture-Ready Measures. Dr P. Mahi; P. Napier-Moore Mott MacDonald. Advanced Supercritical Plants. Advanced Supercritical Plants (500 MW). Advanced Supercritical Plants (500 MW). Supercritical Plants. Last 10 Years. Total. Advanced Supercritical.

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moving to advanced supercritical plant capture ready measures

Moving to Advanced Supercritical Plant & Capture-Ready Measures

Dr P. Mahi; P. Napier-Moore

Mott MacDonald

supercritical plants
Supercritical Plants

Last 10 Years


advanced supercritical plants costs
Advanced Supercritical Plants – Costs

O&M Costs - Similar

- In India; likely to be higher


Implementation Issues

  • Technology Issues
    • waterwall craking
    • negative flow characteristic
    • slagging
  • Availability of skilled operating staff
  • Coal quality and boiler performance
  • Environmental benefits
  • Socio-economic benefits


  • Carbon related revenue can make a substantial difference to the economics of supercritical plants and most notably to the economics of advanced supercritical units
  • Key issue is carbon price risk after 2012.
post combustion capture ready essential measures focussed on plant site
Post Combustion Capture-ReadyEssential Measures – focussed on Plant Site

Essential measures, focussed on the plant site, include:

  • Land area and layout able to accommodate: – the capture equipment, new pipelines, expanded utilities and additional generation units
  • Provisions for new pipework in the Water-Steam-Condensate cycle – allowing for heat integration
  • Design of the steam cycle to be compatible with the likely steam extraction requirements of the capture unit
    • inclusion of off-take tee at IP/LP crossover pipe, with target crossover pressure of e.g. 3-4 bar(a) for amines
  • Allow space for addition/upgrade of FGD, to meet flue gas purity requirements, as applicable, of CO2 capture
  • Route to CO2 storage that is economically competitive on a global stage (€/tCO2 basis)
post combustion capture ready optional measures up to co 2 storage
Post Combustion Capture-ReadyOptional Measures – Up to CO2 Storage
  • Optional measures – first tier
    • Identification of potential sequestration sites and preliminary geological investigations to screen these.
    • Pipeline route determined, where CO2 exported by pipeline rather than ship.
    • Installation of FGD that can readily be upgraded to meet flue gas purity required
  • Optional measures – second tier
    • Sequestration site test wells, integrity studies, access rights and permitting
    • Pipeline route land ownership, way leaves and permitting of CO2 transportation
    • Increase on-site utility capacity – including compressed air, cooling water treatment and electrical distribution.
    • Pre-investment in up-rated base plant e.g. FGD, ID fans
capture ready plant key issues
Capture-Ready PlantKey Issues
  • Capital cost impact within power plant relatively low
  • Need for consideration of CCS in national-level generation planning & site selection
  • Need for review of planning and regulatory barriers for CO2 transport and storage chain?
    • Potentially on critical path to retrofit
  • Possible need for outside support with capture-ready design to mitigate risk of delays to design process, while still ensuring that barriers to CCS are removed
  • Mott MacDonald’s current studies of advanced supercritical plant and capture-ready plant will provide analysis tailored to India – for the UMPPs