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Right Care in action

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Right Care in action. Systemising reform in Calderdale CCG Tim Shields, Head of Business Intelligence. Principles when thinking about reform pathways. Clinical pathways across systems can not be optimised without using effective business/ reform process pathways

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Right Care in action

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right care in action

Right Care in action

Systemising reform in Calderdale CCG

Tim Shields, Head of Business Intelligence

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principles when thinking about reform pathways
Principles when thinking about reform pathways
  • Clinical pathways across systems can not be optimised without using effective business/ reform process pathways
  • Principles of business and clinical pathways are generic -
    • A pathway should take the most direct route to its destination
    • Each step should add value to the next

New Horizons, New Opportunities

  • New Board (GP’s, lay members)
  • Broaden scope of business planning
  • Maximise use of intelligence
  • Engage clinicians, staff and other stakeholders
  • Learn from previous experience & learn from others




Shared Understanding








Gather Insights

Errors using inadequate data are much less

than those using no data at all – Charles Babbage

Build a picture of Calderdale using routinely available intelligence:

  • JSNA
  • Commissioning for Value Pack
  • SPOT Tool
  • Atlas of Variation
  • Health Profiles
  • NHS Comparators
  • Primary Care Calculator

Role of Clinical Champions

  • Identify clinical lead for programme areas
  • Clinical lead to develop compelling story based on:
    • Addressing unwarranted variation
    • Minimising harm to patients
    • Reducing waste and maximising value
    • Tackling health inequalities
    • Preventing disease
  • Clinical lead to utilise insights from ‘other’ sources of intelligence
  • Clinical lead recommend priorities for action
  • Collective challenge + reframe the matrix

Identify Areas of Focus

  • 1st frame:
    • Unwarranted variation in outcomes, quality and spend
    • Outliers
    • Direction of travel
    • Scale of opportunity
  • 2nd frame:
    • Alignment with vision, mandate and planning frameworks
  • 3rd frame:
    • Opportunity to improve outcomes
    • Opportunity to improve quality
    • Impact on expenditure (VFM)
  • 4th frame:
    • Gap between current state and best practice
    • Importance to the vision for Calderdale


  • Prospectus
  • Workplan - service redesign/ QIPP
  • Contract variation
  • Non recurrent investment
  • Quality Premiums
  • Primary Care Engagement Scheme
  • Strategic Review + ITF


  • Write it down
  • Visible and effective clinical leadership
  • Access to indicative data
  • Active engagement with stakeholders
  • Clarity on improvement methodology and documentation
  • Evidence on what, why and how to change/ improve
  • Confidence to set aspirational goals
  • Effective processes to make timely decisions that will drive change at pace
  • Minimise waste (effort; resources; time) on non viable schemes – be prepared to stop
  • Consistency - process gave us momentum and confidence during transition in approach

Right Care for Populations

  • The NHS Right Care website offers resources to support CCGs in adopting this approach:
    • online videos and ‘how to’ guides
    • casebooks with learning from previous pilots
    • tried and tested process templates to support taking the approach forward
    • advice on how to produce “deep dive” packs locally to support later phases, within the CCG or working with local intelligence services
    • access to a practitioner network
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