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Malaysia My Second Home

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Malaysia My Second Home
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Malaysia My Second Home

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  1. Malaysia My Second Home Mr. Abdul Mutalib Awang Director Tourism, Malaysia Seoul

  2. Malaysia My 2nd Home

  3. Background • 1996-2001: Silver Hair Programmed. Over 50’s groups in developed countries. • 2002-2006 : Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H). Relaxed regulations – all ages, from all regions. • 2006, April : Establishment of MM2H Centre .


  5. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT i)Aged Below 50 years old • Open a fixed deposit account of  RM300,000.00 (KW79m )after one year, participant can withdraw up to RM240,000.00 (KW63.2m) for house purchase, medical and children’s education. • Maintain RM60,000 (KW15.8m) from the second year onwards

  6. ii)    Aged 50 years and above Can choose to:- Open a fixed deposit account of  RM150,000 (KW39.5m); OR- Show proof of monthly off-shore income of RM10,000(KW2.6m) After one year, participant who chose the FD criteria can withdraw up to RM90,000 (KW23.7m) for house purchase, medical and children’s education. RM60,000.00 (KW15.8m) must be maintained from second year.

  7. INCENTIVES (I) LONG STAY PROGRAMME - Participants will be given a ten year social visit pass with multiple entry visa and it is renewable (ii) HOUSE PURCHASE: • Allowed to purchase up to two units of residential houses at above RM150,000 (KW39.5m) each, depending on the location of the property : - Above RM350,000 (KW92.1m) each for certain areas in the state of Sarawak; - Above RM250,000 (KW65.8m) each for the state of Penang, Malacca and Johore; - Above RM150,000 (KW39.5m)for other states

  8. INCENTIVES (iii) CAR TAX EXEMPTION • Import tax exemption for participants to bring in one personal car OR excise duty and sales tax exemption for purchase of one car manufactured locally (iv) MAID • Bring one maid from Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka or Thailand. (v) Tax-exempt income from abroad

  9. OTHER CRITERIA • Medical Report • Health Insurance • Resume • Sponsor not required

  10. RESTRICTIONS • Not allowed to be employed anywhere in Malaysia unless approved by the Government • Social or volunteer work can be considered.

  11. APPLICATION PROCEDURE • Letter of application (cover letter) • 2 copies of IMM 12-Social Visit Application Form. • 2 colored passport sized photographs of applicant and spouse/family. • Copies of travel document of applicant and spouse/family. (all pages) • A certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if accompanied by spouse) and Birth Certificate (if accompanied by children) • Resume with 10 years experience

  12. APPLICATION PROCEDURE (cont.) • Personal Bond (if applicants appointed licensed company) • A certified 3 copies of latest Bank Statements / other related financial documents to indicate financial capabilities (past three months) • At least 3 months certified copies of pay slip / pension slip / income statement etc • If successful, Conditional Approval Letter given

  13. NEXT STEPS • After getting The Conditional Approval Letter, participants need to submit the following documents to The Immigration Department: - Fixed Deposit in any bank in Malaysia. - Medical insurance covered by insurance companies approved by Government of Malaysia (for applicants above 60 years old can be waived) - Submit medical report from any public/private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia

  14. WHERE TO APPLY? Malaysia My Second Home Centre, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Level 23, Menara Dato’ Onn, Putra World Trade Centre, 45, Jalan Tun Ismail 50695 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Website :Http://

  15. NOTE 1 )Applicants who wish to stay in Sabah must submit their applications directly to the Director, State Immigration Department of Sabah. 2) Applicants above 50 years old who wish to stay in Sarawak must submit their applications directly to the Director, State Immigration Department of Sarawak.

  16. LICENSED COMPANY • To provide services to foreigners who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia under this programme • As at 31th , October 2006, the Ministry of Tourism has licensed 106 companies

  17. Performance of MM2H

  18. TOP 10 NATIONALITIES (since 2000 - 2006)

  19. WHY MALAYSIA • Governmental Support This program is initiated organized and launched by the Malaysian Government.

  20. WEATHER • The weather is pleasant, warm and balmy with moderate rain throughout the year ,There are also highland residential areas and resorts with permanent spring-like weather throughout the country

  21. Standard of Living • Highest standards of living in the region with all the modern infrastructures and facilities

  22. INFRASTRUCTURE • The whole country is very well connected with up-to-date, modern road, rail, air, and sea transportation systems.

  23. RESIDENCE • There are quality residences –terrace houses , semi detached, bungalows, apartment all over the country. There are also some of the finest residences available in tourism zones – on beaches, near jungles and near theme parks , recreational places and city centres.

  24. POLITICAL STABILITY • The ruling Government is the longest serving freely elected Government in the world. It is a Government representing all the races, religions cultures etc. found in Malaysia.

  25. CULTURE AND LANGUAGE • The Malay language is the national language of the country ; English is the second language but other languages can be freely used and practiced.

  26. RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT • The country has everything for the family, - theme parks, jungle trails / sports, water sports and one of the highest numbers of golf courses – ratio or population.

  27. SHOPPING • Most of the items that tourist normally like to buy perfumes,cosmetics,watches,branded goods etc.are completely free if tax.

  28. MEDICAL FACILITIES • The country has a very efficient health system where medical services are provided at nominal cost. Private doctors , clinics and also hospital of international standards are easily at very reasonable cost.

  29. HEALTHCARE • National Heart Institute • Pantai Medical Centre • Sentosa Medical Centre • Tawakal Hospital • Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre • Tung Shin Hospital • Assunta Hospital • Damansara Specialist Hospital • Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital • Subang Jaya Medical Centre • Sunway Medical Centre • Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital • Twin Tower Medical Centre • HeartScan Malaysia Diagnostic Centre

  30. EDUCATION • The country has one of the best –development and quality educational systems – both public and private. There are international schools of repute in all major towns with English as the medium instruction. There are also private colleges and universities and major colleges from throughout the world.

  31. SELECTED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS • Total registered international school in Malaysia : • Example of school :- • Alice Smith International School (KL) , • Garden International School (KL,Kuantan), • Fairview International School (KL,Penang) – from pre-school (age 3) to A Levels (age 16-18) • Australian International School

  32. Reputable Universities • Multimedia University • Taylors’ College • Help University College • LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology • Sunway College • International Medical University • Metropolitan College • Monash University • SAL College • International College of Music

  33. Continue :- • Nilai College • Tuanku Ja’afar College • Damasara Utama College • Bandar Utama College • INTI International College • Sedaya College • SIT College • Stamford College • Penang International College • Regents School of Economics • RIMA College

  34. Twinning Programmes • Damansara Utama College – Bachelor of Commerce (Murdoch University) • LimKokWing Institute of Creative Technology (LICT) - Diploma in Architecture Technology (Curtin University of Technology) • Nilai College - Diploma in Biotechnology and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (University of Aberdeen ) • Metropolitan College – Accounting , Economics And Finance (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia) • INTI College–Bachelor of Commerce (Adelaide University) )

  35. PUBLICITY PROGRAMME • Collaterals and website • Seminars / workshops • Joint promotions with local associations and agents • Advertising and PR • Niche marketing • Fam Tours