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My Home! PowerPoint Presentation

My Home!

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My Home!

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  1. My Home!

  2. Welcome to my home! This is the front entrance left of the garage.

  3. Here is the front door.

  4. To the left is a small garden with chairs, an umbrella and a big tree.

  5. The front garden has a red deck.

  6. Inside the front door is a small hallway that shows the living room.

  7. Looking to the right, you can see the kitchen.

  8. Just inside the kitchen, you see a window on the right.

  9. To the left of the window, you see a set of glass cabinets.

  10. Below the window you see a black counter and more cabinets.

  11. Several blue bottles and some flowers are on top of the counter.

  12. A round table is in the middle of the kitchen.

  13. Four chairs are around the table.

  14. Beautiful sunflowers in a blue vase are in the middle of the table.

  15. The south wall has a window.

  16. The refrigerator is to the right of the window.

  17. The door to the right of the refrigerator leads out to the garage.

  18. On the left, you see more cabinets.

  19. The east wall of the kitchen shows a stove and microwave oven.

  20. The pass-through window above the cabinets looks into the living room.

  21. The living room has a sofa with another window behind.

  22. A yellow lamp sits on top of the table to the right.

  23. This is a bigger sofa.

  24. To the left of the pass-through window, you see a framed embroidery.

  25. To the right of the bigger sofa, you see another yellow lamp on top of a small table.

  26. You see a cabinet and television set.

  27. To the right of the cabinet is a red chair with two green pillows.

  28. To the right of the red chair is a big sliding door.

  29. On the east wall is a red fireplace.

  30. A big mirror is above the mantle of the fireplace.

  31. Here is a hallway. A rug is on the floor of the hallway.

  32. This is a bathroom. A mirror is on the right.

  33. A bathtub and shower is in front.

  34. This is a small sink, set inside a cabinet.