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Vs. Matt Maze. KGB vs. CIA. What is the KGB. The KGB was the security agency in the Soviet Union.

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Matt maze


Matt Maze


What is the kgb
What is the KGB

  • The KGB was the security agency in the Soviet Union.

  • Even though the Soviet Union fell in 1990 the KGB was not disbanded. They instead were incorporated into the new Russian government where they only handled foreign intelligence. They are no longer named the KGB but instead the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

Brief history of the kgb
Brief History of the KGB

  • The KGB started as the Cheka, formed after the Bolshevik Revolution to protect the national security of Russia.

  • The Cheka was responsible for taking revenge against the enemies of the state and when Joseph Stalin was in power, they took care of his enemies such as Leon Trotsky.

History kgb cont
History KGB cont…

  • Other jobs the Cheka had was penetrating government and intelligence agencies.

  • An example of this is they stole nuclear weapons and Manhattan Project secrets.

  • The Cheka was renamed the KGB at the beginning of the Cold War. They had vast amounts of monetary and technical resources and an active personnel numbering over 500,000.

History kgb cont1
History KGB cont……

  • They helped maintain the one-party Soviet State by suppressing political dissent and Anti-Soviet public figures.

  • Through stealing information from the British and French they were able to stay technologically equal to other countries.

  • At the end of the Soviet Union the KGB was renamed the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and its other duties were given to new agencies.

Tasks of the kgb
Tasks of the KGB

  • Assistance in governing the Soviet Union

  • Suppression of internal resistance

  • Protected leaders

  • Ensured economic efficiency by stopping strikes

  • Criminal investigations

  • Punished political criminals

  • Kept leaders up to date with all types of information

  • Diminished foreign threat by individually following any foreigners

  • Tons of secret operations

  • Controlled what information was made public

What is the cia
What is the CIA

  • The CIA stands for the Central Intelligence Agency and it is an independent Government agency.

  • The CIA provides national security intelligence by collecting and then evaluating foreign intelligence. They then pass this information along to senior US government policymakers so they can make decisions regarding national security.

  • The CIA will also engage in covert actions if the President directs them to.

History cia

  • The CIA, in its earliest form was the Office of Strategic Services. This organization was created in 1942, a couple months after the United States joined WWII.

History cont
History cont…

  • The job of the Office of Strategic Services was to collect and analyze strategic information required by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  • They conducted special operations and played an important role in aiding military campaigns by supplying facts and intelligence.

  • In 1945 the OSS was abolished and its functions were transferred to the State Dept.

History cont1
History cont…………..

  • In 1946 President Truman created the Central Intelligence Group as a centralized intelligence system was needed.

  • This new intelligence Group did not last and was disestablished twenty months later.

  • In 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established and is still around today.

What does the cia do
What does the CIA do?

  • Supports the National Counterterrorism Center

  • Assesses existing and emerging threats to US national security

  • Monitors efforts of foreign intelligence entities against US interests

  • Deals with threats to US computer systems

  • Collects foreign intelligence

  • Creates technical equipment used for covert missions.

Question for you to answer
Question for you to answer!

  • Which of these two organizations in your opinion did their job better and if not for the collapse of the Soviet Union which organization do you think would be on top?

A look at both
A look at both

  • During the Cold War, the KGB would have done the jobs of the CIA and FBI.

  • The KGB seemed to be the more successful of the two organizations as it infiltrated deeper into other organizations such as the CIA and FBI. They were able to recruit people from everywhere and turn them against their home countries. Throughout the cold war they stole secrets from the British and US because they had people in top level organizations.

  • Both Organizations were the best at gathering foreign intelligence.

Relation to globalization
Relation to Globalization

  • The battle between the KGB and CIA led to different techniques for spying to be developed.

  • With these types of Intelligence Agencies we are able to know what goes on in other countries.

  • Brought upon a new era of spying on the rest of the world.

  • The downside to this is that countries can have little privacy of what goes on with how technical intelligence gathering has gotten.