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Safety Management Systems

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Safety Management Systems. A Transport Canada Civil Aviation Program Update. Presentation Objectives. Describe the elements of a safety management system Certification activities Transport Canada’s approach to managing human error Status of SMS in Civil Aviation. SMS COMPONENTS.

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safety management systems

Safety Management Systems

A Transport Canada Civil Aviation Program Update

presentation objectives
Presentation Objectives
  • Describe the elements of a safety management system
  • Certification activities
  • Transport Canada’s approach to managing human error
  • Status of SMS in Civil Aviation
sms components
  • Safety Management Plan
  • Documentation
  • Safety Oversight
  • Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Emergency Response Plan

Safety Management System Process Flow

Initial Risk Assessment

  • Hazards
  • Incidents
  • Accidents
  • Data base
  • Risk Analyses
  • Audits
  • Policy and Procedures Assessment
  • Hazard Identification


  • Information
  • Dissemi-
  • nation
  • Trend analysis
  • Safety bulletins
  • Report distribution

No Action

Further Investigation

Second Risk Assessment

No Action

Determine Root Cause

Determine and Implement Corrective Action

Monitor Corrective Action


Confirmation of Corrective Action – Quality Assurance

System Evaluation

the accountable executive
The Accountable Executive
  • "Accountable executive" means the person having financial and executive control over an entity that is subject to these regulations.
the accountable executive1
The Accountable Executive
  • The accountable executive is thecertificate holder or the certificateholder’s representative.
  • Single executive for all certificates held by organization (AOC, FTU, AMO, AEO, ATO etc..).

Company-wide understanding of human performance & error

Human Factors Training

Transport Canada’s Philosophy

A three layered approach

Accountability- responsibility upper management

Accountable Executive

Safety Management System

Systemic Approach to Safety

civil aviation sms program status



Guidance Material


Aircraft Certification

Discussion point at CARAC Feb, 2003

Maintenance & Manufacturing

Other areas (TBD) CARAC September 2003

CAR 705/704 Complete, updates February 2003

SMS Conference Toronto

September 2003

Commercial & Business Aviation

Other areas (TBD) CARAC September 2003

CAR 705/704 Complete, updates February 2003

General Aviation

CARAC June 2003


Aerodrome Safety

Accepted CARAC April, 2003

Consulting with industry on needs

Air Navigation Services and Airspace

CARAC April 2003

Regulatory Services

Accepted CARAC April 3, 2003

Civil Aviation SMS Program Status
checklists guidance material
Checklists/Guidance Material
  • Initial certification, manual and audit checklists available by the end of the year
  • Guidance material updated in 2003
  • CASI Training program November 2003
part i regulatory requirements
Part I Regulatory Requirements
  • Standardised definition of SMS
  • Three basic requirements:
      • A comprehensive corporate approach to safety;
      • An effective organization to achieve safety; and
      • Systems to achieve safety oversight.
aeronautics act amendments
Aeronautics Act Amendments
  • Protection of data submitted through SMS
  • Protection of data submitted to a Voluntary reporting program
  • Status update of amendments
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Many required components are in place today
    • Some are fragmented and compartmentalized.
    • Must be integrated to ensure a cohesive approach to safety.
  • SMSis a big task
    • Not only for regulatory compliance but also for safety and good business sense.
    • SMS is not built overnight.
    • Don’t try to build the entire system at one time.
    • Safety is a principle we cannot afford to compromise as we owe it to the traveling public.
lessons learned1
Lessons Learned
  • Shift in culture
    • Training
    • Right tools