the history of britain extra credit opportunity
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The History of Britain Extra Credit Opportunity

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The History of Britain Extra Credit Opportunity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Britain Extra Credit Opportunity. AP European History. The Assignment . This year you will have the opportunity to earn at up to 20 extra credit summative points each nine weeks.

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The Assignment

This year you will have the opportunity to earn at up to 20 extra credit summative points each nine weeks.

A couple of years ago, the BBC sponsored a documentary version of Simon Schama’s book series, A History of Britain. Your job is to evaluate this species of edu-tainment for its historical veracity and overall message. Evaluate means to assess and judge. I am not looking for a summary of each episode.

The Method

Choose any episode that you wish. Here is what I want you to think about:

Look at the big picture. Has Schama given you a fair picture of the time period? What was his overall message? Was anything or he left out of the his presentation? Why?

How does Schama’s account compare with that in Kagan or your other sources?

Is this the British version of “America: the Story of US” – a glossy, hyped up exercise in patriotism, or is it an attempt to do real history?

The Product and the Pay-off

Write a 2-3 page paper evaluating the episode of your choice. Your paper must have a thesis statement with supporting arguments. Similarly, all sources, including the film, must be documented using the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA.

Papers earning 20 points will have assessed the film, focused on relevant topics, and included a variety of perspectives, including those represented by your primary sources.

Points are awarded by me. Period. There is no AHS mandate telling me to offer this many extra credit points. Arguing for more does not incline me to offer this opportunity again.

Episode List





"King death"

"Burning convictions"

"The body of the Queen"

"The British wars"


"Britannia incorporated"

"The wrong empire"

"Forces of nature"

"Victoria and her sisters"

"The empire of good intentions"

"The two Winstons"

Episode guide with descriptions: