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3D –graphics and animation

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3D –graphics and animation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3D –graphics and animation. Harri Airaksinen;. The Big Picture by Mike Bailey Oregon State University mjb@orst.edu http://graphics.orst.edu. How to create models?. Displace Mapping wiki. How to create animation?. How to create textures/surfacing?. Rendering – counting the pictures.

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the big picture by mike bailey oregon state university mjb@orst edu http graphics orst edu
The Big Picture byMike Bailey Oregon State University mjb@orst.edu http://graphics.orst.edu
how to create models
How to create models?

Displace Mapping wiki

the history of 3d graphics and the current status
The history of 3D graphics – and the current status
  • http://design.osu.edu/carlson/history/timeline.html
  • History of Computer Graphics
    • http://hem.passagen.se/des/hocg/hocg_1960.htm
    • http://www.comphist.org/computing_history/new_page_6.htm
  • 2003 - The Cathedral selected as Best Short Film in SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre; Tomasz Bagiński
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAqoNb9RGIM
  • 2006 - One Rat Short - Best of Show, Computer Animation Festival; Alex Weil, Charlex Inc
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KniV2OGwSms
my own history of 3d field
My own history of 3D -field
  • The History of CAD
    • http://mbinfo.mbdesign.net/CAD-History.htm
  • -84, 3D CAD

Andritz –case 2006

3d application areas
3D application areas
  • Designing (extremely large topic – all what you see around you is designed via computers graphics  CAD  CAM)
  • Entertainment (movies, games, virtual environments)
  • Science, scientific visualization
  • Advertising and commerce
  • Education
what is modeling
What is modeling?
  • Adding 3D objects to the 3D scene, what is controlled by modeling application and you. The 3D environment/object is modified by changing the objects/environment parameters
  • “The spatial description and placement of imaginary three-dimensional objects, environments, and scenes with a computer system is called modeling. “
  • 3D models can be done in many ways (temple based, program guides, laser measurements…), in this course we use 3D modeling tool (3D Studio Max)
before you start modeling please read this list
Before you start modeling, please read this list!
  • Sit down and think! Think more!
  • Select measurement units and draw a draft sketch about your object with main dimensions
  • Select coordinate axels direction
  • Select Origon location (world coordinate)
  • Models and objects, objects parts naming rules
  • If there are more than one person to work on same modeling project, DOUBLE CHECK that same rules are used
system unit setup
System Unit Setup
  • CustomizeUnits Setup
modeling working space scene
Modeling; working space, scene
  • You can setup cube, where all modeling will happened, can be eliminate outside geometry = you can see it  saves memory and helps to see objects
  • You can modify the scene many ways = more effective way to work (hide objects, using cutting planes, display only part of model hierachy)