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Speaking C. Summer 2014 – Week 1. Falling in love. What does it mean to “fall in love” ? Becoming more than friends Wanting to spend all your time with a person Can’t imagine your life without him or her. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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Speaking C

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    1. Speaking C Summer 2014 – Week 1

    2. Falling in love • What does it mean to “fall in love” ? • Becoming more than friends • Wanting to spend all your time with a person • Can’t imagine your life without him or her

    3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure" magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.”

    4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days • Chick flick • Romantic Comedy • Unconventional relationship • Conflicted interests

    5. Words and Phrases • Upbeat – cheerful, optimistic • Must-read – popular, important piece of writing • Got dumped – someone broke up with you • Hellish ordeal – bad, scary problem • Hanging on to relationship – staying in relationship • Drive him away – make a man go away

    6. Words and Phrases • Needlessly vicious – unnecessarily cruel, violent • Hook a guy – like a fish; you get a guy, hook him in • Clingy – too attached • Needy – need too much from others especially attention • Touchy feely – always touching, PDA (public displays of affection)

    7. Word and Phrases • Put best foot forward - to act or appear at one's best; to try to make a good impression. • Perusing – look carefully • Giddy – feel very excited • Head over heels – so in love with someone • Let’s grow old together – wanting to get married

    8. Words and Phrases • Cocky – conceited, arrogant • She’s on the prowl – like a lion or cheetah; a woman on the prowl is hunting (searching) for a guy aggressively

    9. Basic Emphasis Pattern: Content Words

    10. Basic Emphasis Pattern: Content Words • English speakers use a basic pattern of emphasis. If you use this pattern, you will • Hear better • Be understood better • Rule: In English, the content words are really emphasized. Content words are words that have the most information in a sentence.

    11. Basic Emphasis Pattern: Content Words (Emphasized)

    12. Basic Emphasis Pattern: Structure Words (de-emphasized)

    13. Basic Emphasis Pattern • The content words are easier to hear because they are given extra emphasis. Words are emphasized by adding extra length to their stressed syllables. • This is my cat. (noun) • What does it eat? (main verb) • Please come quickly. (adverb) • You did excellent work. (adjective) • Why did you write the letter? (question word)

    14. Exercise 1 • Example: My cat eats fish and she likes to hunt mice in the garden. • 1. Do you like the picture on your passport? • 2. Did you take a test for a driver’s license in your country? • 3. University students pay a lot of money for their books. • 4. High school students get their books for free. • 5. Do you think it is harder to speak or to hear a new language? • 6. Is there a speed limit for cars in your country?

    15. Exercise 2 • SEND MONEY. BOUGHT CAR. This means, “Send me money. I’ve bought a car.” • The book that you ordered has arrived in the bookstore. Our address is 921 Main Street. The store is open from 10 to 6 everyday of the week except Sunday. Your book will be kept for you at the customer service counter at the front of the store.

    16. Exercise 2 – Answer • Book arrived bookstore. 921 Main Street. Open 10 to 6 everyday except Sunday. Customer service counter.

    17. First Meeting: Sentence Stress • Watch as Andie and Benjamin only use content words in their conversation. • In this conversation, primary sentence stress is the last content word in the sentence.

    18. Warm-Up: Big Picture • Everyone gets 4 red cards. Always have 4 red cards in your hand. • Pick one green card and put it in the middle for all players to see. There will be a new judge every round. • Pick one player to be the judge and he/she will close his/her eyes. • All other players will choose a red card in their hand that best describes the word on the green card. • When all red cards are chosen, mix them up and the judge will open his or her eyes. • The judge picks which red card he/she likes the best. • The winning red card takes all of the cards and that is one point. • Now, go through steps 1-7 again.

    19. Remember… • In English, you have to give stress to certain words to deliver certain meanings: disappointment, anger, surprise, grasp idea etc... • Example: • “Oh” • Example: • “You want me to give you money.” • What did I stress each time?

    20. Dialogue A: Hi, how are you?B: Fine, thank you. And you?A: Just great. What have you been doing lately?B: Oh, not much. But I've been keeping busy.A: Well...it's been good to see you.B: Yes, it has...well, bye!A: Goodbye.

    21. Role Play • Get into pairs • Each pair gets a situation • The situation is a SECRET – don’t show it to any other group. • As a pair, you will act out this dialogue in front of the class and others will have to GUESS who you are by your inflection (stress), gestures, and body language. • Here is an example…

    22. Warm-Up: Somebody Like You • Keith Urban was born in New Zealand, but he was raised in Australia • Country rock music singer, songwriter and guitarist • Married to actress Nicole Kidman • Judge on American Idol • Song is featured in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    23. Somebody Like You • There's a new wind blowin' like I've never known.I'm breathin' deeper than I've ever done.And it sure feels good, to finally feel the way I do.I wanna love somebody, Love somebody like you. • Meaning: Talking about falling in love. Feeling better and feeling like a different man (in a good way). • Reduced speech – blowin’ (blowing) , breathin’ (breathing) • Connected speech – wanna = want to

    24. Somebody Like You • An' I'm lettin' go of all my lonely yesterdays.I've forgiven myself for the mistakes I've made.Now there's just one thing, the only thing I wanna do, mmm, mmm.I wanna love somebody, Love somebody like you • Meaning: Letting go of the past, moving on • Reduced speech – An’ (and), lettin’ (letting) • Connected speech – wanna = want to

    25. Somebody Like You • CHORUS • Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine,Shinin' down on me and you.When you put your arms around me,You let me know there's nothing in this world I can't do. • Meaning: I can do anything when I’m with you • Reduced speech – shinin’ (shining) • Connected speech – wanna = want to.

    26. Somebody Like You • I used to run in circles goin' no-where fast.I'd take, uh, one step forward and two steps back.Couldn't walk a straight line even if I wanted to, mmm, mmm.I wanna love somebody, Love somebody like you. • Meaning: Used to be lost and confused, couldn’t get ahead • Reduced speech – goin’ (going) • Connected speech – wanna = want to

    27. Somebody Like You • Sometimes it's hard for me to understand,But you're teachin' me to be a better man.I don't want to take this life for granted like I used to do, no, no.I wanna love somebody, Love somebody like you. • Meaning: When I’m with you, I’m a better man (person). I want to live life to the fullest. • Reduced speech – teachin’ (teaching) • Connected speech – wanna = want to

    28. Somebody Like You • I'm ready to love somebody,Love somebody like you. oooh.An' I wanna love somebody,Love somebody like you, yeah. • Meaning: It’s the right time for me to love someone. • Reduced speech – An’ (and) • Connected speech – wanna = want to

    29. Poster: Guys vs. Girls • Falling in love can be tricky because it’s difficult to know what the opposite sex is looking for. Here’s your chance to tell each other what you really want and what you’re looking for. • Girls: What can a guy do to make you fall in love with him? • Guys: What can a girl do to make you fall in love with her? • Come up with a list of at least 10 things. Then you’ll present your list to the class. Everyone must speak.