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Tom Daley – A coming out story PowerPoint Presentation
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Tom Daley – A coming out story

Tom Daley – A coming out story

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Tom Daley – A coming out story

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  1. Tom Daley – A coming out story

  2. Tom Daley • Tom Daley is 19 years old. • He is a diver and TV personality. • He has made an impact in national and international competitions from the age of 9. • He won two gold medals for England in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. • He won the bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic Games.

  3. Tom Daley • Following on from his success in the Olympic Games, Tom accepted a role on the new celebrity diving reality TV show Splash! The programme started in January 2013. • In May 2011, Tom’s father, Robert died from a brain tumour. • In December 2013, Tom had the following message for his fans…

  4. Tom Daley: Something I want to say

  5. Did you listen to what he said? • Why do you think Tom describes the last few years as a rollercoaster? (give two or three reasons) • Tom says that he finds it hard to talk about important things in his life, what examples does he provide? • What led him to make this video for his fans now? • How does Tom describe realising that he was in love for the first time? • What does he say about the reaction of his family? • What are Tom’s hopes for the future? • How do you think Tom felt before he released the video? Why? What are the positive and negatives effects it could have had? • Have you ever had to tell someone close to you something important? How did you prepare? Would you do anything differently if you had the chance to do it again? • What do you think are the best ways to support someone who is coming out? How would you react?

  6. To finish: Make a quick life graph on some rough paper about the last few years of Tom’s life. • His age goes on the x axis. • His mood on the y axis. Add on in pairs the many events of the last few years. Consider carefully where you would put things.