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semantic knowledge bases and be informed for the faa n.
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Semantic Knowledge Bases and Be Informed for the FAA PowerPoint Presentation
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Semantic Knowledge Bases and Be Informed for the FAA

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Semantic Knowledge Bases and Be Informed for the FAA
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Semantic Knowledge Bases and Be Informed for the FAA

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  1. Semantic Knowledge Bases and Be Informed for the FAA Dr. Brand Niemann Director and Senior Enterprise Architect – Data Scientist Semantic Community AOL Government Blogger April 9 , 2012

  2. Overview • Mike Hritz, FAA ANG-B2, Senior System Engineer, NAS EA & Concept of Operations Services Division, FAA, Washington, DC. • Mike Hritz’s interest is in the FAA Architecture as a semantically enhanced knowledge base and for Dr. Wilson Felder. • Dr. Wilson Felder, Director, FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), Atlantic City, NJ. • Dr. Felder’s likely interest in “Be Informed” may be in the reduction of use of regression testing for his labs.

  3. FAA NextGen Organization Chart Mike Hritz The SWIM Evolution & Coordination Team Lead, Mike Hritz, looks ahead, thinking about how SWIM will grow and how it will relate with and incorporate into the future NAS.

  4. FAA Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Base Purpose: Want well-defined URLs to subparts of the document and figure and tables.

  5. Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Base Index in a Spreadsheet

  6. Spreadsheet in a Spotfire Dashboard

  7. FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ • The FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center (Technical Center) is one of the nation's premier aviation research, development, test and evaluation facilities. Its world-class laboratories and top-notch engineering place the Technical Center at the forefront of the FAA's challenge to modernize the U.S. air transportation system. The Technical Center serves as the FAA national scientific test base for research and development, test and evaluation, and verification and validation in air traffic control, communications, navigation, airports, aircraft safety, and security. The Technical Center is the primary facility supporting the nation's Next Generation Air Transportation System, called NextGen. • Dr. Wilson N. Felder is the Director of the FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. Previously, Dr. Felder led the FAA's Office of Technology Development, where he was responsible for field demonstration of advanced technologies including ADS-B, System Wide Information Management, and Runway Incursion Reduction concepts. He also served as the sponsor for the National Center of Excellence in Aviation Operations Research.

  8. Technical Reference and Research Library NOTE: These documents should be In a Knowledge Base. March 2005 marked the return of the Tech Center Library to a condensed physical form. Materials that had been packed in 2001 are now being reviewed, digitized and will again be available. Check the catalog, entries will be updated to reflect new material status.

  9. Concept to Program Process Flow NOTE: Be Informed does this! Dr. Wilson Felder : WJHTC Vision for Verification & Validation and NextGen, V&V Summit 2011 Presentations, October 19-20, 2011, Atlantic City, NJ. Opportunities for V&V added to flow chart Source:

  10. Recommendations • Build Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Bases and Spotfire Dashboards of the FAA Enterprise Architecture and the WJHTC Technical Reference and Research Library. • Build the “WJHTC Concept to Program Process Flow” in Be Informed for Program Management and Possible Reduction in the Use of Regression Testing in the Labs. • Regression testing is any type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs, or regressions, in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system after changes, such as enhancements, patches or configuration changes, have been made to them. Source: Wikipedia. • Be Informed’s approach does reduce the cost of development, testing and implementation, but is significantly different from the conventional software development process. • Be Informed can make the “WJHTC Concept to Program Process Flow” Model = Design + Application + Documentation, and all of the them are Semantic Services! • Be Informed has its own “regression testing” built in for its software. Mills Davis, US Be Informed Representative, will address the applicability of this to the FAA’s regression testing work once we make him more familiar with what the FAA process is.

  11. Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Bases in Spreadsheet

  12. Semantically Enhanced Knowledge Bases in Spotfire Web Player

  13. Semantically EnhancedKnowledge Bases for Be Informed

  14. Build FAA SWIM in the Cloud:Be Informed 4 Studio Modeling Note: I Will Start This If There is Real Interest in It Note: This is the NCOIC-NGA Demonstration MetaModelWork.