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Professional Computer Association

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Professional Computer Association. Mr. Nizar Zakka Tel/Fax (961) 01-970700, Mobile (961) 03-970707 Email: History of Establishment.

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Professional Computer Association

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professional computer association

Professional Computer Association

Mr. Nizar Zakka

Tel/Fax (961) 01-970700,

Mobile (961) 03-970707


history of establishment
History of Establishment
  • Lebanon was one of the first countries in the Middle East to begin developing its ICT sector in the late 1980’s and the ICT industry has grown steadily ever since.
  • The year 1996 witnessed the establishment of the cluster of the Information and Communications Technology Industry in Lebanon under the name of “PCA” or Professional Computer Association.
goals and objectives
Goals and Objectives

The PCA’s main aim is to provide the ICT industry players in Lebanon with a forum for brainstorming, communication and interaction through which several initiatives would be launched.

The three major common goals of the PCA are :

  • To enhance cooperation and collaboration among Lebanese based ICT companies in order to improve industry standards and competitiveness.
  • To Expand the ICT penetration and adoption in Lebanon.
  • To establish Lebanon as a leading provider of ICT products and services in the region.
pca s top priorities
PCA’s Top Priorities
  • Communication and Interaction among the different ICT companies in Lebanon.
  • Interaction between the ICT sector and the Lebanese Government.
  • Improvement of the legal framework and communication infrastructure in Lebanon.
  • Improving the Lebanese national economy.
  • Improvement of the quality and standards of life for present and future generations.
  • Improvement of International ICT Investments in Lebanon.
  • Spreading the ICT education and training.

Established Committees

  • Membership Committee
  • Customs Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Intellectual Property Committee
  • ISP Committee
  • Press and Media Committee
  • Seminars and Conferences Committee
  • Software Developers Committee
  • Telecom Committee
  • TERMIUM Exhibition Committee
  • Lebanese Syrian Committee
the association today
The Association Today

The PCA has triggered many initiatives that have become today crucial to the Lebanese Economy and society. Some of which are:

  • The PiPOP Initiative: the PCA’s launched the PCAInternet Point of Presence program in order to address the “digital divide” in the Lebanese society. Thirteen sites have already been established so far.
  • Termium: It is an annual computer show that groups more than 350 companies and attracts more than 40,000 visitors every year. 3 new pavilions have been created in the year 2003: Made in Lebanon, Banking Technology and Telco Solutions.
  • The Golden Chip Awards: These awards delivered by PCA every year to the different ICT companies in Lebanon following the Termium exhibit for their distinction in the sector.
plans and future projects
Plans and Future Projects
  • The PiPOP Initiative is to witness the establishment of 40 new centers in the different Lebanese rural regions.
  • For Termium 2004, our plan is to add more new pavilions such as: the Digital Media Solutions, the Hospitality and Tourism Industries Solutions as well as other countries’ Made In sections (Made in Jordan, Made in Syria…).
  • As for the Golden Chip Awards, the eye is on getting online with International Competitions such as the World Summit Awards.
  • PCA is hoping to build its own cycle with regards to Capacity Building in the future.
  • Pca is looking to more Business Development such as Export Facilities, International Shows Participation, Establishment of an Export Office, and preparing Business Marketing Workshops with other similar associations from other countries.
  • The PCA is open for different memberships from different ICT companies as long as they are legally registered in the Lebanese Market.
  • In order to become a PCA member, an Application Form is to be filled and an annual membership fee is to be paid.
  • All PCA members enjoy the same equal rights, pay equal contributions and fees and are entitled to take advantage of all opportunities and proceedings provided by the different Committees.
members list
Members List

1-460 The Multimedia Store 21-DataFlow 41-Logicom 61-Soft Flow

2-ACT Holding 22-Digital File 42-Logos 62-SDCG

3-AIMS 23-Dot LB 43-Meatel 63-Technomania

4-Airas Middle East 24-EBE 44-Microsoft 64-TeleSupport Int.

5-Allied Computer Services 25- EDM 45-PSI 65- Teletrade

6-AmeriCEC 26-Formatech 46-Quantech 66-Terranet

7-ArabiaGIS 27-FTML Cellis 47-Silicon Com. 67-Tetracom

8-Arachnea 28-GlobalComD.Serv.48-SAB Med 68-Transmog-

9-Born Interactive 29-IFG 49-New Horizons 69-Trinec

10-Business Equipment 30-IDM 50-Sacotel 70-Webserv

11-Cable One 31-Image Systems 51-OmniSystems

12-CBM 32-Infoplus 52-Orange Clicks

13-Cisco 33-IMS 53-Paravision

14-CIS 34-Interlink 54-PC Dealnet

15-CT Serv 35-ICCSystems 55-Mideast Data Sys.

16-CCT Lebanon 36-ITG 56-Mideast Power Sys.

17-Comtek 37-Khatib & Alami 57-Midware Data Sys.

18-DataFlow 38-Layout 58-Office Technologies

19-Digital File 39-G&M Habiss 59-Saudi Micro-Tech

20-Dot LB 40- Libancell 60-Multimedia Systems

development of ict sector in lebanon
Here are some figures on the ICT market size in Lebanon by Software & Hardware & Services (In %)

Lets take a look at ICT Export rates.

ICT Export (In %)

Development of ICT Sector in Lebanon
pca board
PCA Board

Mr. Jalal Fawaz- President

Mr. Maroun Chammas- Vice President

Mr. Gabriel Deek- Secretary General

Mr. Michel Nseir- Treasurer

Mr. Claude Bahsali- Board Representative towards the Government

Mr. Bassam Jaber

Mr. Hachem Hachem

Mr. Amin Mardam Bey

Mr. Wadih Jureidini

Mr. Samer Hanna

Mr. Jean Haddad

Mr. Robert Kanaan

Mr. Nizar Zakka- Director

contact information
Contact Information
  • For more details please contact:

Professional Computer Association

Allenby Street, Farra Building, 3rd Floor

Beirut Central District, Lebanon.

Tel: +961 1 970700 +961 3 970707

Fax: +961 1 970700