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power point feynman diagram tool kit l.
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Power Point Feynman Diagram Tool Kit PowerPoint Presentation
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Power Point Feynman Diagram Tool Kit

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Power Point Feynman Diagram Tool Kit
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Power Point Feynman Diagram Tool Kit

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  1. Power Point Feynman Diagram Tool Kit Scott GoelzerCERN HST Program 2002

  2. Contents • Title • Contents • Instructions • Templates • Examples You should NOT run this presentation. Use it in the Power Point editor

  3. Before you start... • You should not alter this file. It is your template for other work. • Save a copy <save as…> • Then open your new copy and use it to work. • Oddly, you will be using this file to compose diagrams, not present them. Now would be good

  4. Making Diagrams • In the following slides you will find some parts of Feynman diagrams that you can rearrange to make your own. • Remember, Power Point is a drawing program not a painting program. Each element is an object layered on the screen.

  5. What to do... • The idea will be to take the pre-made objects and arrange them in a diagram Mess Finished

  6. How to do it... • When you are at the tools page, select <Duplicate Slide> from the <Insert> menu • Simply grab the objects and drag them into place. • Duplicate objects with <Cmd-D>, flip objects with the <Draw Menu> • Arrow keys can move a selected object with greater precision. Alt and Control Key can increase precision.

  7. Hints • Select two or more objects and choose <Group> from the <Drawing> menus. This will allow these objects to be treated as one. This is good when pasting into word. • Need a particle I did not provide? Use MS Equation Editor by double clicking on a previously made particle and then editing. Closing the Eqn. Editor will update P.Point.

  8. After you finish... • If you do not care for the colors, double click on an object and change the color. If you select more than one object, you may change all objects simultaneously. • To save an image to disk just <Save As> a GIF file. Then you can make it a transparent GIF in a graphics file.

  9. Real Particles Your tool kit: Anti Particles Bosons Particles

  10. Bremstrahlung Radiation Decayingto a positron / electron pair