joint operations committee joc for odour complaints 2013
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JOINT OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (JOC) FOR ODOUR COMPLAINTS 2013. TNPA Protocol for receiving odour complaints. Complainant is to call: TNPA Port Control ( 031 361 8567 and 031 308 8262 ) and / or TNPA Fire Services (031 361 6333)

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tnpa protocol for receiving odour complaints
TNPA Protocol for receiving odour complaints
  • Complainant is to call:
        • TNPA Port Control (031 361 8567 and 031 308 8262 ) and / or
        • TNPA Fire Services (031 361 6333)
        • Ethekweni Air Emissions Department (083 737 6303 / 031 361 0000 )
        • Vopak (084 401 6476)
    • 2. TNPA will:
          • TNPA Fire Services will respond and inform TNPA Port Control of receipt of complaint.
          • TNPA Fire Services will notify Metro Fire of response and place the Hazmat Team on Standby.
          • TNPA Port Control will notify the TNPA Management Team informing them of the details.
          • TNPA Port Control will call out Ethekweni Air Emissions Department
  • TNPA will feedback:
          • Responding TNPA Fire Officer will provide verbal feedback to the TPT Risk Official on Duty
          • TNPA Senior Operations Manager: Container will provide feedback in writing to Terminal Manager: Containers.
          • TNPA SHE Manager will provide written feedback to TNPA Head Office.
tnpa air quality monitoring
TNPA Air Quality Monitoring

TNPA has 3 Air Quality Monitoring Stations in the Port of Durban.

TNPA procured 24 hour fence-line monitoring was done for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) over a two week period (July 2013). The results indicated below legal detectable limits.

TNPA has an Emergency Purchase Request in progress for specialized forensic chemical signature monitoring due to commence on 7th October 2013.

TNPA and the City have met on 3 occasions. The City is busy with investigations for nuisance complaints.

tnpa fire and emergency response
TNPA Fire and Emergency Response

Roving patrols are conducted every 2 hours to detect any odours

TNPA Fire are treating the odour complaints as a priority.

On receipt of the call the responding officers are dispatched to the location of the complaint and the area of concern.

The investigations are done on the Island View Petro-chemical Complex and the Chemical Berths ie to locate any loading operations, etc.

The City Fire and Hazmat Team are notified.

tnpa engagement with key stakeholders and tpt
TNPA Engagement with key stakeholders and TPT
  • 28 May 2013: Meeting held with with Legal and Compliance Manager and Environment Manager to discuss timeframe to resolve issues arising from complaints.
  • 11 June 2013: TNPA facilitated meeting between key stakeholder and TPT.
  • 12 September 2013: A site visit was conducted at key stakeholder with TPT (Labour and Management), Ethekwini Municipality (Air Quality Division) and TNPA (Environment and Operations) to examine loading operations and new handling methods. An action plan has been devised and a key stakeholder have given commitment regarding the improved handling of the chemicals.
  • Cargo owners of highly aromatic products have been engaged for assistance.
  • Key stakeholders have been requested to furnish certain data.
legislative and licensing framework
Legislative and licensing framework

1. TNPA is exercising oversight role in terms of the National Ports Act and is monitoring the terminal operator licences for compliance thereof.