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Comprehensive School Safety Planning

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Comprehensive School Safety Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comprehensive School Safety Planning. Randall Ranes, Director Michael Skiba, Supervisor Department of Student Services March 2009. Overview. Two elements of the District’s published Mission Statement are: Maintaining school environments that are safe, secure, and attractive

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comprehensive school safety planning

Comprehensive School Safety Planning

Randall Ranes, Director

Michael Skiba, Supervisor

Department of Student Services

March 2009

  • Two elements of the District’s published Mission Statement are:
    • Maintaining school environments that are safe, secure, and attractive
    • Enhancing community trust
  • Safety planning and implementation is a legal requirement and is part of the District’s total academic plan (e.g., included in the Local Education Agency Plan Addendum and each site’s Single Plan for Student Achievement)
  • Students who perceive the school as safe have higher attendance rates and achieve better academically
presentation objectives
Presentation Objectives
  • To illustrate the relationship between safety and student academic performance
  • To define school safety and to provide a conceptual school safety model
  • To quickly review the essential elements of a Comprehensive School Safety Plan (California content requirements)
  • To illustrate some fundamental school security strategies
  • To demonstrate how the Electronic Change Sheet may be used to update the site’s existing School Safety Plan
safety relationship to basic academic goals
Safety: Relationship to Basic Academic Goals



















Change in SAT-9 (NPR)





















Percent in school reporting feeling safe or very safe

Source: California Healthy Kids Survey

safety defined
Safety Defined

School safety involves identifying and implementing appropriate strategies and programs to keep students and employees healthy and injury free. A comprehensive safety plan incorporates prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

essential elements of the school safety plan
Essential Elements of the School Safety Plan

Assessing the current status of school crime committed on school campuses and at school-related activities (Education Code Section 32280 [a][1])

Note: Although the statutory requirements for the School Safety Plan require an “assessment of the current status of school crime” (Education Code Section 32282, Title 5 California Code of Regulations Section 628.1, 701 & 702), the statutes requiring the reporting of school crime (Penal Code 628.1 et seq.) were repealed in 2005. For this reason, the statistics on school crime that were previously gathered through the instrument, “California Safe Schools Assessment,” are no longer available.

essential elements of the school safety plan1
Essential Elements of the School Safety Plan

Identification of appropriate strategies and programs that will promote school safety and address the school’s procedures for complying with existing laws related to school safety (continues on upcoming slides) (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2])

essential elements continued
Essential Elements (Continued)

Child abuse reporting procedures consistent with

Penal Code 11164:

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting (Board Policy

603.7) (

2. Child Abuse and Neglect: Prevention and


(secondary resource:$41)

(Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][A])

essential elements continued1
Essential Elements (Continued)

Routine and emergency disaster procedures including, but not limited to:

  • Adaptations for students with disabilities.
  • Earthquake emergency procedure system.
  • A drop procedure.
  • Drop procedure practice held at least once each school


  • Pupils and staff training in the earthquake emergency

procedure system(Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][B]).

Resources: BCSD Safety Procedure: Earthquake Drill and Earthquakes (chart in School Safety Plan Template); Earthquake Emergency Procedure System(policy) Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan (policy).

essential elements continued2
Essential Elements (Continued)
  • A procedure to allow a public agency, including the American Red Cross, to use school buildings, grounds, and equipment for mass care and welfare shelters during disasters or other emergencies affecting the public health and welfare (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][B][ii])


  • Policies pursuant to Education Code Section 48915(c) and other school-designated serious acts which would lead to suspension, expulsion, or mandatory expulsion recommendations (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][C])
  • Procedures to notify teachers of dangerous pupils pursuant to Education Code Section 49079 (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][D])
essential elements continued3
Essential Elements (Continued)
  • A discrimination andharassment policy (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][E])
  • If the school has adopted a dress code prohibiting pupils from wearing “gang-related apparel,” the provisions of that dress code and the definition of gang-related apparel (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][F])
essential elements continued4
Essential Elements (Continued)
  • Procedures for safe entrance to and exit from school for students, parents, and school employees (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][G])
  • A safe and orderly environment conducive to learning (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][H])
  • Rules and procedures on school discipline adopted pursuant to Education Code Sections 35291 and 35291.5 (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][I])
  • Hate crime reporting procedures (Education Code Section 32280 [a][2][J])
fundamental school security issues perimeter control
Fundamental School Security Issues:Perimeter Control
  • Importance of school perimeter control, controlling the flow of students and persons
  • Registration (see Visitor/Outsider policy, BP 300.46 & Outsider/Visitors Checklist in Comprehensive School Safety Plan template)
  • Use existing systems (locks, security) (Outside consultants)
fundamental school security issues playground management
Fundamental School Security Issues:Playground Management
  • Law requires the supervision of conduct and safety and requires staff to direct the play of students on school grounds (before, after, and during school).
  • Clearly identify supervision zones, require supervisors to remain outside at a location from which they can observe their entire zone of supervision and move around the perimeter of those zones.
  • Require that all individuals supervising students remain alert in spotting dangerous conditions, promptly report any such conditions to the principal or designee, and file a written report on such conditions, as appropriate. (See Safety, Administrative Regulation 300.53 and School Safety Checklist in Comprehensive School Safety Plan template)
fundamental school security issues playground management continued
Fundamental School Security Issues:Playground Management (Continued)
  • Establish emergency procedures that ensure swift response to accidents, fighting and situations that could become dangerous, such as overcrowding or unusual gatherings of students.
  • When determining the ratio of playground supervisors to students, consider the size of the playground area, the number of spots that are not immediately visible, and the age of the students.

(See Safety, Administrative Regulation 300.53)

fundamental school security issues daily campus sweep
Fundamental School Security Issues:Daily Campus Sweep

Our school conducts daily campus safety sweeps (campus walk-throughs) to identify damage to property, suspicious circumstances, and safety risks.

tips for better building security
Tips for Better Building Security
  • Lock all exterior doors that are not being used for activities.
  • Lock all interior areas containing expensive equipment such as computers.
  • Make sure that all door locks and window latches are in good working order.
  • If you see someone in the school you do not know, determine who they are and why they are at the school.
  • Report stolen or missing keys immediately.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that windows and doors are not blocked.
  • Check your exterior lighting to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Secure all exterior gates and entrances.
  • Draw and close window shades at night to prevent easy “casing” by would-be burglars.
  • Make sure all District property is clearly marked with the school name and location code.
using the electronic change sheet
Using the Electronic Change Sheet

summary and closing
Summary and Closing
  • Remaining issues
  • Presentation objectives
  • Comprehensive School Safety Planning: Participant Feedback form