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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo) PowerPoint Presentation
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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo)

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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo). Presented by Date. Four Necessary Components of a Comprehensive School Safety Plan. Student Code of Conduct. Screen shot Mission of School Sample…. Safe School Report Disciplinary Reports Surveys Students Parents

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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo)

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student code of conduct
Student Code of Conduct
  • Screen shot
  • Mission of School
  • Sample…
students sources of data
Safe School Report

Disciplinary Reports




Staff Members


Counselor’s Data

State Trend Data

Non-cognitive school data


Students-Sources of Data
student analysis of need
Student -Analysis of Need
  • Needs
    • According to Infinite Campus Data 2008 -2009 and school log there have been seven fights in the upstairs boys bathroom this year. That number doubles last year.
      • Plan :During A/A classes, lessons will be presented on aggression and pro-social skills. More monitoring will be necessary in that area.
      • Who will be responsible?
      • What is your time line?
      • What will it cost and where is the money coming from?
student management plan safety curriculum
Student Management Plan-Safety Curriculum

All students are potentially at-risk of violence in today’s society. All students need to learn pro-social skills to be able to mature into productive adults. Pro-social skills curriculum is delivered to students starting at the pre-school level and threaded through the students’ educational career.

  • Second Step Curriculum

This is a research based violence prevention curriculum taught from pre-school through the eighth grade. Empathy, anger management, and impulse control are taught and practiced in the classrooms. 

  • Natural HelpersPeer selection separates this peer mediation program from others. Natural student leaders in the school are selected by their peers to assist in peer mediation. The students are trained in pro-social skills and mediation techniques. They are empowered to assist other students struggling with daily situations. High school and middle schools implement this program. 
  • Botvin Life SkillsLife Skills is a substance abuse prevention curriculum taught at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level.
  • DARE

This anti-drug curriculum is delivered by Police Officers in the 5th and 8th grades.

  • iSafe

Internet safety curriculum is taught at all grade levels and includes a parent partnership.

  • Eddie Eagle

Gun safety curriculum sponsored by the state police, is delivered to elementary students.

student management plan safety programs
Student Management Plan-Safety Programs
  • Alternative Education
    • In-School Detention
    • Alternative School (Name It)
  • Participation in Safe School Week Awareness Activities
    • Annually safe school activities are included on the Kentucky Center for School Safety Website.
  • Participation in Red Ribbon Week
    • This is a drug and substance abuse awareness program.
  • Student Assistance Program
    • This program is an extra counseling program to assist student when needs arise.
  • Project Prom and Graduation
    • After the prom and graduation the parents and staff hold a party at school for the students to promote responsible decision-making.
emergency management guide
Emergency Management Guide
  • Do you have one?
  • How comprehensive is it?
  • Is it updated annually?
emergency management data
Emergency Management Data

Sources of Data

  • Drill Logs
  • After Action Reports (from drills, scenarios, and incidents)
  • Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
  • First Responders Meetings or Info
emergency management guide10
Emergency Management Guide
  • For analysis either use slide 5 like in the student section or…
  • Include After Action Reports and
  • Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
emergency management guide11
Emergency Management Guide
  • Do you have parts of this available for parents in handout form or on the website?
  • Do you have Memorandum of Agreements with Off Campus Sites?
  • Flipcharts
  • Response Kits
  • Student Tip line 1-877-730-STOP (7867)
physical plant plan
Physical Plant Plan
  • Do you have a physical plant or campus vulnerability plan?
  • Screen shot
  • It could be a safety inspection checklist type item
  • Is it completed annually
physical plant plan13
Physical Plant Plan
  • Sources of Data
    • Hazard Hunts
    • Vulnerability Checklists
    • Maintenance Inspections
    • Chemical Storage Checklists
physical plant plan14
Physical Plant Plan
  • Analysis of Need
    • List them
    • Who is responsible..
    • Where is the money coming from…
physical plant plan initiatives
Physical Plant Plan -Initiatives
  • SchoolResource Officers
    • The high schools have school resource officers to assist with safety education, surveillance and order. The SROs are shared between schools when the need arises.
  • Limited Access
    • Only one door is accessible to the public and a sign-in procedure is in place.  Surveillance cameras, buzzers, and fences limit the access to each school.   
  • Fences
  • Gate
  • Metal Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras
staff safety plan
Staff Safety Plan
  • Staff Handbook
  • Screen shot or list items that relate to school safety from the handbook
  • Staff e-communicate that includes safety issues
  • Newsletter to staff on safety issues
staff safety plan17
Staff Safety Plan
  • Sources of Data
  • Staff Skills Inventory
  • Staff needing special assistance
  • PD Surveys (what we need PD on…)
  • Endorsements and certifications, etc..
staff safety plan18
Staff Safety Plan
  • Analysis of Data
    • What are the needs of the faculty in areas of PD Or training…
      • Who will be responsible
      • When will it happen and where is the funding
    • Next need…..
staff safety plan initiatives
Staff Safety Plan- Initiatives
  • Crisis Response Training
  • Safe School Conference
  • CPR Training
  • Science Safety Training
  • OSHA Training
  • Blood Born Pathogens
  • How do you communicate your safety plan?
    • Annually parents and students sign for code of conduct
    • Is it on the website?
    • Newsletters (articles)
    • E-mail alerts (safety issues)
    • Newspapers, Radio and Television
    • Others