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Summer Abroad Rome PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Abroad Rome

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Summer Abroad Rome
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Summer Abroad Rome

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  1. Summer AbroadRome program orientation 2009

  2. introductions • program overview • student affairs information • administrative tasks • review the visa application • questions • collect forms • meet again

  3. The Rise of Rome and the Period of the Republic: Introduction and Review of Roman History and Roman Art Through Hadrian Site Visits:  Temples in Largo Argentina, Roman (Republican) Forum, Forum of Caesar, Tabularium, Tomb of Bibulus, Forum Antiquarium, Round Temple near the Tiber, Temple of Portunus, Republican Victory Temples, S. Omobono, Fabricius’ Bridge, Tiber Island Prow & Tiber River Boat, Aristocratic Houses on the Palatine, House of Livia, House of the Griffins, Palatine Museum, Montemartini Power Plant Museum, Via Appia, Tombs of the Servilii and Caecilia Metella on the Via Appia, Catacombs Augustan Rome In-Class LectureSite Visits: Roman Forum, Palatine House/Apartment of Augustus, Temple of Apollo, Forum of Augustus, Augustus’ Mausoleum, Ara Pacis, Sundial Obelisk, Auditorium of Maecenas, Pyramid of Gaius Cestius, Remains of Republican City Walls, Theater of Marcellus, Temple of Apollo Medicus, Sosianus, Porticus of Octavia, Palazzo Massimo Museum Rome, Tiberius through Nero Site Visits: Domus Aurea, Stadium of Domitian, Nero’s Aqueduct & Nymphaeum, Caelian City Gates, Aqua Claudia at Colosseo, Temple of Claudius Platform, Baths of Caracalla, Roman houses on the Caelian, Capitoline Museums, Aqua Claudia/Anio Novus at Porta Maggiore, Tomb of Eurysaces, Aqua Virgo Arcades, Trevi Fountain, Sperlonga & Terracina/Temple of Jove Rome, the Flavians through Hadrian Site Visits: Roman Forum, Temple of Roma and Venus, House of the Vestals as rebuilt in AD 113, Arch of Titus, Ramp and Hall at NW angle of Palatine, Domitian’s Palace, Temple of Peace, Horrea on the via Sacra, Temple of Vespasian and Titus, Markets of Trajan, Trajan’s Forum & Column, Forum Transitorium, Temple of Venus Genetrix/Forum of Caes.,rebuilt AD 106-113, Basilica Ulpia, Library, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Meta Sudans, Stadium/Piazza Navona, Ludus Magnus, Pantheon, Saepta Julia, Basilica of Neptune, Hadrian’s Mausoleum/Castel S. Angelo, Aelian Bridge, Vatican Museums, Travertine Quarries; Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli Trade and Commerce, and Ostia The Port City Site Visits: Trajan’s Port, Monte Testaccio, Porticus Aemilia, House and Horrea under S. Clemente, Museo Altemps, Plan of Ostia in Gate at Ostiense; Ostia Scavi and Museum Travel to South Site Visits: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Villa at Boscoreale, Villa at Oplontis, National Archaeological Museum Naples

  4. Personal Safety Abroad • Program emergency phone numbers in your cell phone or carry them with you so that you can contact program staff if you need assistance • Always carry copies of identification, insurance information and the SOS card with you • Always tell someone where you are going

  5. Call your parents! • We will monitor travel warnings and advisories. • We have an emergency action plan that covers emergency communication, assembly and evacuation.

  6. Student Conduct • The Brown Code of Conduct is in effect at all times • Remember that you represent Brown University and it’s reputation for scholarly excellence • The on-site director has the authority to dismiss a student from the program for academic and non-academic grounds

  7. Student Support • Disability Support • Mental Health Issues • Physical Health Issues • Crisis Management

  8. Travel Assistance Medical Assistance 24/7 Call Centers Students are strongly encouraged to use the International SOS services. To access the International SOS website directly you will need to enter Brown's International SOS Membership number 11BSGC000031 in the log-in section International SOSMember Services & Benefits

  9. Emergency Services

  10. Benefits of International SOS Register Your Trip On-Line Password Protected Medical Record No Charge to Call SOS Sign Up For Email Alerts Pre-existing medical Condition – call SOS about options

  11. Emergency Information In the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest or terrorist attack, Brown has established emergency protocols in place. Information will be posted on Brown’s web site. • Don’t • Panic - if you need emergency assistance call SOS • Lose contact with the program • Do • Use common sense • Take advantage of SOS Services • Have a safe and rewarding experience •

  12. “documenti” • Due by 12PM on April 1, 2009 • Visa Application (include all required documents) • Email your flight itinerary (paid) to: • 2 (matte) passport photos • Waivers • Health Insurance Waiver (PDF) for visiting undergraduates • General Travel Waiver (PDF) • General Travel Waiver (PDF) for visiting undergraduates • Your passport must be valid beyond the program end date (3 months for Italy) • If you do not hold a US passport, you must also submit a copy of your I-20 and your F1 (or your immigration card)

  13. Italian Visa Applications • You must submit a complete application packet PLUS ONE COPY of the entire packet: • The completed application packet includes: • your passport* (which must be signed and valid for at least 3 months following the end of your stay in Italy), • one copy of the inside photo page of your passport, • one official passport-size photograph, • a copy of your paid travel itinerary showing the exact dates of your entry and exit from Italy. • *Students who are not US Citizens must provide a copy of your green card or I-20 and F-1 visa.

  14. questions • collect forms • meet again in April “ciao!”