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welcome to de biology n.
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Welcome to DE Biology! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to DE Biology!

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Welcome to DE Biology!
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Welcome to DE Biology!

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  1. Welcome to DE Biology! • Find any desk and have a seat. Warning: I will move people around if the rows are unbalanced. (Sorry- blame my OCD) Fill in from the front and make sure there is an equal number of people per row if you want to avoid having to move. Use ALL the desks first and then sit at the lab table if you must. I’ll find you a desk eventually! • Read over the syllabuswhile you wait for class to begin.

  2. Mrs. AshbyMagna Vista High School Room 13

  3. Meet Your Teacher • B.S. Biology, W&M, 2009 • M.A. Science Education, VT, 2014 • Certified in Biology (AP/Gen) & Physics (AP/Gen) • 10 years teaching experience • NBCT

  4. Everything you ever wanted to know about… AP BIOLOGY CLASS

  5. What is Biology?

  6. What is AP Biology? • College level lecture and lab coursework • Covers 8 credits (or 2 college semesters) of Introductory Biology, but only if you get a C on Blackboard! • Sarah Ginter will be your DE Adjunct Professor through PH • Bio 101 and Bio 102 • Take the credits, but I STRONGLY recommend you retake one or both of these courses if you plan on being a Bio major! • Fair Warning: Your final DE grade will be on your college GPA. • Pre-requisites • Good understanding of Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra I

  7. What do I need for class? • Your preferred method of note-taking • Pens or Pencils (EVERY. DAY.) • Calculator • Coloring utensils (optional)

  8. What are the expectations? • Respect • Responsibility • Daily Study (at least 20-30 min/day) • College-level quality of work

  9. How will I be graded? • Points system • Tests count the most & generally must be passed to pass the class. • There is not much extra credit, so you’re responsible for getting it right the first time! • No curve! You must get a 70C- or better on your blackboard course to receive college credit. Your GPA is weighted, but the report card grade is not. • Citizenship Grading System – Come prepared, behave, don’t make a mess, and don’t abuse your privileges. 3 demerits = one CG letter drop

  10. Do you accept late work? Verified Absence? Just Forgot? Sorry. I won’t accept it. A lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Translation: Use a homework pass, do some extra credit, or take a zero. (But please come talk to me if you have an issue you can’t control.) • Get assignments from me as soon as you get back. • Three days to get caught up. • If you knew the due date before you were out, you won’t get additional time. Plan ahead. • Missed labs cannot be made up, but you are still responsible for the content to prep for the test

  11. Is there an end of semester test? • YES! Everyone will take a cumulative final exam at the end of the semester that is 1/7th of your grade. • In addition, everyone will take quizzes and tests for the DE portion of your class through Blackboard. • Optional - College Board AP Biology Exam – May 2018

  12. Textbooks and Labs • Textbooks • You will be assigned a textbook • Please make sure you write your name and textbook number legibly on the sign-out sheet! You are responsible for THAT book! • Return textbook in good condition, or you will be responsible for the cost(around $80) • Labs • College level labs, case studies, or simulations every week • Strong math component • SAFETY FIRST! • Every lab and case study is followed by a quiz that counts for 50% of your lab grade, so make sure you’re learning. 

  13. Please be reasonable with… Electronics Food, Gum, or Drinks Bugs are gross Allergies are unpleasant Scraping gum off desks is gross Water is always ok. Clean up your mess! Leaving trash or a mess behind will result in demerit or loss of privilege. Don’t abuse it, or you’ll lose it! • Instructional purposes only

  14. Do we have to have a seating chart? Yes. Only during Tests. (I promise you’ll live.)

  15. Leaving Class… During the Block End of class I’ll watch the clock so you don’t have to.  • By permission only • Sign in and out on the clipboard by the door • Take your agenda or a note • It will cost you a demerit, so emergencies only (except for the nurse or school business) • No bathroom breaks the first or last thirty minutes of class

  16. Are you going to call my parents? • I will if I have to for… • Excessive missing assignments • An overall grade lower than a 60D- • Not returning required forms • Discipline concerns

  17. What to expect … • Homework everyday. (No, I’m not kidding. Even if I don’t give you a new assignment everyday, if you want an A/B in this class you have to spend time each night with the material. EVERY. NIGHT. Time management is HUGE in here, as it will be in college. You’ll learn…) • Quick review of big picture before diving into the details. Weak bio/chem/math skills? It’s on you to get caught up! • Fast pacing, lots of math and chemistry (Feel free to come get tutoring from me if you need it anytime.) • Labs/lab type activities or projects weekly • College preparation (strict due dates, fast pace, challenging assignments that require self-discipline, etc)

  18. College Preparedness • Strict due dates (seriously.) • Textbook reading • Inquiry based college-level labs and reports • College-level papers or projects with proper APA citations • Grade emphasis on passing the tests

  19. Handbook Reminders Tardy Policy Attendance Policy Excused if… Doctor Death in Immediate Family Court (for you) School related Bring note to attendance office within 3 days More than two unexcused absences = 69% F Must be present more than 45 minutes to be counted • Must be inside the classroom before the bell rings to be considered “on time” • Consequences • 1st : Warning • 2nd: Warning • 3rd: Parent Contact • 4th…: Referral • Does NOT start over after the grading period

  20. Handbook Reminders Dress & Honor Code Emergency Procedures Fire Drill Lockdown Drill Tornado Drill Call button Lab Safety • No… • Revealing shirts or shorts • Holes above the knee • Gang-related or offensive clothing • Sagging pants • CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Collaboration is encouraged, but copying will result in a zero and automatic referral for ALL parties (copier and copied). NEVER GIVE YOUR PAPER TO ANOTHER STUDENT!

  21. Keep in Touch • Phone: 276-956-3147 (Leave a message, and I’ll return your call as soon as I can) • Email: eashby@henry.k12.va.us • Website: Check this everyday http://web.henry.k12.va.us//Domain/1378 • Remind 101: Text “@ashapbs18” to 81010 or have me register you.


  23. Pre-Test: Let’s see what you got yourself into…. For homework tonight – Get your syllabus signed and get a head start on your first Read and Review