promoting spirituality in the workplace n.
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Promoting Spirituality in the Workplace PowerPoint Presentation
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Promoting Spirituality in the Workplace

Promoting Spirituality in the Workplace

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Promoting Spirituality in the Workplace

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  1. Promoting Spirituality in the Workplace Presentation for Pastoral Theology for Catholic Health Care December 4, 2008 Marguerite Stapleton

  2. Objectives • Deepen our understanding that our beliefs and values help us find meaning and purpose in our work. • Distinguish between spirituality and religion • Define spirituality in the workplace • Learn some spiritual practices appropriate for the workplace.

  3. Sabbath Walk The story is told of a South American tribe that went on a long march, day after day, when all of a sudden they would stop walking, sit down to rest for awhile, and then make camp for a couple of days before going any farther. They explained that they needed the time of rest so that their souls could catch up with them.

  4. SPICES • Social • Physical • Intellectual • Cultural • Emotional • Spiritual

  5. Spirituality Religion

  6. Religion • Creed • Code • Cult

  7. What is spirituality? Whatever gives meaning to your life. - Joe Driscoll Spirituality is how a person finds meaning and purpose in his or her life in a way that is reflected in behaviors. - Jerry Broccolo Spirituality is the practice of staying consciously connected with what makes us alive, with ourselves, and with one another and the great other. - Robin Carnes and Sally Craig

  8. Spirituality is breathing the breath of God. Bernie Steinberg Spirituality is something you have on the inside that will get you where you want to go on the outside. Sean, age 8 Spirituality is the diverse ways in which individuals answer their longings to be connected with the largeness of life – a longing that animates love and work. Parker Palmer

  9. Workplace Spirituality Fosters a culture grounded in the organization’s mission and values thereby allowing employees to find meaning in their work.

  10. Imago Dei • From The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness, Preparing to Practice by Rabbi Ram Shapiro • The Little Boy and the Old Lady • Kerala practice • St Teresa

  11. Tending Spirituality in the Workplace • Individually • Organizationally

  12. Reflections Daily Prayer Responding to world events Reaching out to those in need Honoring the death and dying process Remembering our roots Focusing on Mission and Values Maintaining balance in our work life Education and outreach Stewardship of the earth Nurturing Spirituality in the Workplace

  13. Spiritual Grounding • Daily Prayer • Work Sabbath • God Spotting • “Just in Time”

  14. Bottom Line • God is at work at work • We meet the sacred in the ordinary

  15. Open Discussion • Question? • Comments? • More ideas?

  16. Going Forward Bow your heads and pray for God’s blessing. Let us pray….