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Tryscience and The FIRST LEGO League PowerPoint Presentation
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Tryscience and The FIRST LEGO League

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Tryscience and The FIRST LEGO League
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Tryscience and The FIRST LEGO League

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  1. Tryscience and The FIRST LEGO League Visit us today!

  2. Agenda • Welcome and Setup • Get a Little Help from • Build an “A-Mazing” Robot • Create Two Teams • Build a Robot • Program a Robot • Create a Layout Maze and Test a Robot • Create a Team Presentation

  3. About A-Mazing Robots Program your robot to travel around a maze to find a toxic waste location, and then carry the waste to a disposal location using as few simple commands as possible. Let’s have some fun!

  4. What is computer programming? • …Creating a sequence of instructions (steps) that a computer can interpret (understand) and execute (take action) to achieve a desired operation (goal). • A computer program may have many steps linked in sequence in one single set of instructions.

  5. Try it at Home Let’s Program Our A-Mazing Robots!

  6. Engineer-A-Robot An Engineering and Technology Design Adventure… An “actual” A-Mazing Robot!

  7. Forming Teams

  8. Forming Teams... • Create two Teams (Give Your Team Names). • Each team will build a robot, write a computer program, and create a layout maze for the robot to find and dispose of “toxic waste" using logical thinking and imagination. • Each team will create a PowerPoint Presentation and present for 3 - 7 minutes. “All team members must contribute verbally.”

  9. Forming Teams... • Each Team will have Sub-Teams: • Hardware Engineering Team - Mechanical Engineers • Software Engineering Team - Programmers • Industrial Engineering Team - Layout and Testing • Marketing & Communications Team - Presentation

  10. Forming Teams... Hardware Engineering Team - Responsible for the parts, assembly, and electrical systems. • Software Engineering Team -Responsible for programming the robot to layout requirements. • Industrial Engineering Team - Responsible for constructing the layout maze and testing the product.

  11. Forming Teams... Marketing & Communications Team - Responsible for creating the PowerPoint Presentation and organizing the presenters.

  12. 1x 1x 2x Building your Robot Lego Product #9786 Robo Technology Set Constructopedia Manual

  13. Creating a Layout Maze

  14. Complete Layout Maze Template Place Toxic waste on Robot Collect Here Waste Trash Exit Here Start Here Deposit Toxic Waste Here 8.5“ x 11” Pattern A solution Forbidden Areas Toxic Waste for pickup

  15. Create a Layout Maze • …Create a 5 x 5 matrix on a flat surface using sheets of paper or masking tape • Use Layout Matrix Template as an example • Use paper or other objects to represent “toxic waste” and “trash”

  16. Toxic Waste Containment Vessel IBM Tryscience: Engineer a Robot Template

  17. Trash Containment Vessel IBM Tryscience: Engineer a Robot Template

  18. IBM Tryscience: Engineer a Robot Template

  19. Programming your Robot

  20. ROBOLAB Software • …ROBOLAB is a graphical programming environment that controls your robot. • PILOT levels - graphical with a single chain of commands. • INVENTOR levels - more flexibile with complex operations to control the robot (i.e., conditional branches and subroutines).

  21. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Forward “Wait” Forward Step 2 Step 6 Turn Right Turn Right Step 7 Step 1 Forward and Stop Forward Place Toxic waste on Robot during ‘wait’ Engineer-A-Robot Program Below is one option to writing a program to navigate through the matrix. Can you see others?

  22. 2. Select Pilot Mode 1. Launch ROBOLAB Here Here

  23. Load the Program Here Load File: engineer a robot.pi4

  24. Run Program Sample ROBOLAB Program Run the sample ROBOLAB PILOT program to see one way to navigate the maze. How would you change the program? Load File: engineer a robot.pi4

  25. Troubleshooting Tips • Things that can affect robot performance: battery voltage, motors, friction between the tires and maze materials • Overcome problems by thinking and acting like an engineer • Isolate and solve each problem one at a time to achieve success

  26. Creating a Team Presentation

  27. Team Presentation • Team Members • Team Objectives • Robot Performance • Lessons Learned • Project Evaluation

  28. Thank You! www.