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C4I Adapter User’s Conference OneSAF 2.0 . Major new C4I Adapter functionality. The Mapper Generator Application was re-architected to resolve multiple PTRs. WARSIM and SECore Common C4I Adapter updates merged in. Completion of the proof of concept AFATDS RO interface

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C4i adapter user s conference onesaf 2 0
C4I AdapterUser’s ConferenceOneSAF 2.0

Major new c4i adapter functionality
Major new C4I Adapter functionality

  • The Mapper Generator Application was re-architected to resolve multiple PTRs.

  • WARSIM and SECore Common C4I Adapter updates merged in.

  • Completion of the proof of concept AFATDS RO interface

  • Phase I effort of ability to read addressing information from the MSDL vs. the LDIF (creation of “generic” address book)

  • Added support for inbound K05.19 Observed Entity processing

  • Stepped up to CMP 5.0

High level c4i defects fixed in 2 0
High level C4I defects fixed in 2.0

  • Added lots of Common C4I Adapter functionality into the code base including:

    • WARSIM updates from September 28, 2007

    • SECore updates from September 14, 2007

  • Cleanup of property files

  • Multiple mapper updates and cleanup

C4i adapter information
C4I Adapter information

The OneSAF C4I Adapter has been integrated to both ABCS Software Block I and ABCS Software Block II versions of C4I devices, and could potentially interface to other device(s) and version(s) if they interface via one of the mechanisms used by OneSAF to interface to C4I devices:

  • Multicast – sent / received to / from a multicast URN – used for Situational Awareness (SA) messaging

  • Unicast / UDP – sent / received to / from a specific IP address - used for Command and Control (C2) messaging and also for the FDL interface to the AMDWS

  • 47001B/C reliable UDP protocol (this is our “CommServerLite” implementation that mimics DII COE GTCS)

Existing mappers
Existing “mappers”

“Mappers” have been built and tested in this release for the following tactical message standard versions:

  • MIL STD JVMF Reissue 5 – header version 47001B (SWBI)

  • MIL STD JVMF 6017 – header version 47001C (SWBII)

  • VMF Package 11 – header version 47001B (SWBI and SWBII)

  • FAAD Data Link (FDL) – no specific header (SWBI and SWBII)

C4i devices used at assessment
C4I Devices used at Assessment

  • The 2.0 Assessment events were conducted interfacing to ABCS Software Block I devices. The C4I devices included:

  • FBCB2


  • MCS Workstation

  • MCS Gateway

  • ASAS-L


2 1 planned enhancements
2.1 Planned Enhancements

  • Slight fixes to mappers for updates needed for revised SWBII baseline. OneSAF SWBII Certification –scheduled for May 5-16

  • Enhancement of inbound K05.19 Entity Data Message processing – creation of Control Measures on PVD vs. information showing up in Report Dialog

  • Update to CMP

    • In this version, Linux now totally supported

    • Updating of installation document so that C4I Adapter now officially supported on Linux as well as Windows

  • Most major new functionality slated for 2.5

2 5 planned enhancements
2.5 Planned Enhancements

  • Creation of new Simulation Interface so C4I Adapter more closely tied to OneSAF

    • Elimination of need for Java Jini

    • Ability to start / start the Adapter from SCAMT

    • Ability to view the enhanced C4I Adapter gui from OneSAF desktop

    • The new gui much more than a logger now – graphically able to “see” all C4I Adapter status and processing

  • Inbound MCG(s) to listen to automatically configured by lookup in LDIF

  • SIMCI funded JC3IEDM interface will be a standalone Web Interface, not tightly coupled into the C4I Adapter for maximum reuse and to use J2EE industry standards

  • The Mapper Generator will be enhanced to handle mapping to and from JC3IEDM representation, so can “get” and “put” into the physical JC3 database on the Web Interface