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Current breast augmentation surgeries require a surgeon to constantly pull on the breast tissue which results in surgeon fatigue. A device is proposed that will be self-standing, allowing the retractor to support the tissue instead of the surgeon in addition to evenly distributing light and suction throughout the entire cavity. The Raisin’ combines a familiar motion of a bar clamp, specifically the IRWIN® Quick-Grip®, which allows a simple squeeze to actuate a vertical movement. It is self-standing on any horizontal surface and has vertical increments 8.636mm. Modifications of the first prototype included decreasing the blade length, widening the base, thickening the lower blade, and adding a rib support, all of which served to strengthen the prototype and increase the applied force of the moment. The second prototype was able to sustain a force of 22.6kg under a point load at the tip of the blade. Maximum displacement of the top blade was 2.5cm. Fiber optics were beyond our budget limits, thus testing of intensity could not take place. Suction ports will be tested upon use by the client to determine if specifications were met.

project motivation
Project Motivation
  • Client’s objectives
    • Decrease load on surgeon’s arm
    • Reduce required personnel
  • Shortcomings
    • Minimal light and suction
    • Not self-standing


background procedure
Background – Procedure
  • 3 cm incision
  • Retractor holds tissue up
  • Form cavity with electrocautery tool
  • Implant placed above or below pectoralis
  • Closed with dissolvable sutures


background current device



Background - Current Device
  • ASSI® Breast Retractors
    • Fiber optic light source
    • Suction source
    • “C” or “L” shape
  • Neon Breast Retractor
    • Light reflective polymers
    • Distributed light
    • Lightweight
    • Insulated
    • One-time use
background light suction
Light Sources

Fiber optics

Light reflective polymers


Suction Sources

Standard hospital wall mount

20-120 mmHg



Background – Light/Suction
design constraints
Design Constraints
  • Self-standing
  • Proper light and suction distribution
  • Fit through a 3-4 cm incision
  • Sustain a maximum force of 22.73 kg
  • Non-porous material
  • Must not exceed stress of 68.58 kPa
  • Withstand autoclaving temps (121°C)
design the raisin
Design: The Raisin’
  • Insert into incision
  • Rests on chest wall
  • Squeeze handle
  • Quick release

Plasma cut


Two halves

Milled out

Welded together





Slide bar

Brake lever

Brake spring

Driving lever

Driving spring

Squeeze handle

important constraints
Important Constraints
  • Rib Stress
    • σmax = 68.58 kPa
    • ≥10% of AC-blade contacts chest wall
    • Pmax = 2.26 kg
  • Increment
    • Full pull =0.5932 cm
    • Std Dev = 0.0875 cm
future work
Future Work
  • Construct out of medical grade materials
    • Titanium
    • Surgical steel
    • Glass fiber optics
  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • http://medevoice.co.uk/sheffmed/January05.php
  • http://www.accuratesurgical.com/accuratesurgical/Docs/breast_instrumentation/retractors/stanger.asp
  • http://rejuven8u.com/plasticsurgery/breast_augmentation_surgery_info.html
  • http://www.lumitex.com/medical.html
  • http://www.buyemp.com/product/1012001.html
a special thanks
A Special Thanks
  • Professor Murphy
  • Dr. Karol Gutowski
  • Larry and Dave from the Tool Crib
  • Justin Lyman
  • Lee Kruschke
client karol gutowski m d uw hospital plastic advisor professor william surgery murphy
Client: Karol Gutowski, M.D. UW Hospital – Plastic Advisor: Professor WilliamSurgery Murphy