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Medieval clothing

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Medieval clothing. Garcia L. Period 3. Fashion.

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medieval clothing

Medieval clothing

Garcia L.

Period 3


Fashion was important during the middle ages because people would identify their social class according to their attire, of course the higher social class the more fashionable they were because they could afford to look fabulous everyday while the lower classes could barely afford to buy a pair of “socks “


They wore skull caps called zucchettos and long colorful tunics that reached the floor made of linen.

The tunics were tied at the waist by a girdle called cincture.

They also wore an amice that covered the shoulders with ornamental stole drapes that hang around the pope’s neck.

They wore silk stockings and Episcopal sandals which are actual shoes with leather soles and silk uppers.


Kings dressed in the most extravagant and expensive robes that were made out of real animal skin and also made from the finest furs there ever was, that would take hundreds of men to trim only one complete suit.


Their style changed as time passed by, fist they wore robes that were tied around the waist with fancy ropes and also tied by the wrists. They also wore extravagant headdresses and coats made from fur. Eventually their robes became more beautiful and even more extravagant that had sleeves that hanged all the way to the ground. They were at a high social level; therefore they could afford such luxurious garments

  • Knights during the middle ages had 2 different styles: their battle attire and their “at home” attire.
  • During battle they wore heavy plate armor and mail shirts that were tremendously heavy and very hot, it could even suffocate them! But it protected the knight from arrows.
  • When they weren’t in battle, knights wore linen undergarments and over that, they wore woolen hoses which were very colorful and fashionable. Over the hoses they wore tunics that were either made of wool as well or some were made of linen.
  • The wealthier the knights were, the more they could add to their wardrobe, for example the could add surcoats made of linen and some were made of silk which was very expensive
  • Peasants were not very fashionable because they couldn’t afford to buy expensive clothing.
  • Peasants dressed very basic and practical, they wore breeches or tight drawers made of leather. Also tight tunics or gowns with capes or cloaks of brown woolen.
  • The tunics were tied at the waist by a belt which was used for holding the tools they used to work with and sometimes a purse or knife.
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