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Jen Cogley & Brianna Negrete PowerPoint Presentation
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Jen Cogley & Brianna Negrete

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Jen Cogley & Brianna Negrete - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jen Cogley & Brianna Negrete. Period 9 - Humanities. Leonardo da Vinci. Life Dates: 1452 – 1519 Facts: - He discovered Linear Perspective - He was the first to apply light & dark shadows - He used aerial perspective. The Last Supper . Michelangelo. Life Dates: 1475 – 1564 Facts:

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jen cogley brianna negrete

Jen Cogley & Brianna Negrete

Period 9 - Humanities

leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci

Life Dates: 1452 – 1519


- He discovered Linear Perspective

- He was the first to apply light & dark shadows

- He used aerial perspective

The Last Supper


Life Dates: 1475 – 1564


-He was a Painter, Sculptor, Architect

-He was fascinated by the body

-Took many days to decide on the marble he would use for the statue of David

Statue Of David

vincent van gogh
Vincent van Gogh

Life Dates: 1853 – 1890


-He only sold one painting.

- He cut off his ear because he kept hearing “ringing” and it mad him mad.

-He meets many famous artists in Paris.

Starry, Starry Night

pablo picasso
Pablo Picasso

Life Dates: 1886 – 1973


-He had 6 wives, and all were younger than him.

-He used blue to show sadness

-He was an impressionist and painted abstract paintings

The Weeping Woman

norman rockwell

Life Dates: 1894 – 1978


- He dropped out of high school for art

- He took pictures, and then drew them by hand to show action & motion

- He painted while in the army

Asleep On The Job 

self portrait 1498
Self Portrait 1498

Painted By: Albrecht Durer


- It is painted in proportion

- The Artist always signed his paintings with "AD”

mona lisa
Mona Lisa

Painted By: Leonardo da Vinci


- This painting is worth $700 million

- She had no eyebrows

- She was stolen in 1911

girl with a pearl earring
Girl With A Pearl Earring

Painted By: Johannes Vermeer


- She is known as the “Mona Lisa Of The West”

- This is one of 11 painted with a pearl earring, all by the same artist

still life with bouquet of flowers and plums
Still Life With Bouquet Of Flowers and Plums

Painted By: Rachel Ruysch


- Artist only painted with flowers

- Artist only painted 100 paintings

the scream
The Scream

Painted by: Edvard Munch


-Orange sky was intended to show a volcano eruption

- Painted in 1902 and finished in 1903

vincent van gogh1

Vincent van Gogh

Art Elements

art elements
Art Elements

Foreground: the grass closest to the bottom

Middle ground: the grass in the middle area

Background: the path and the trees at the “top”

The Meadow By: Vincent van Gogh

art elements1
Art Elements


By: Vincent van Gogh

(this is a self portrait)

Painted in 1887

art elements2
Art Elements

Bridge Across The Seine

By Vincent van Gogh

This is a seascape painting.

art elements3
Art Elements


By: Vincent van Gogh

Still Life Painting