introduction iola davies mha sw co chair august 2013 n.
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Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013

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Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013. What is the Mental Health Alliance-South West?.

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Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013

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    1. Introduction Iola Davies MHA-SW Co chair-August 2013

    2. What is the Mental Health Alliance-South West? • It is the voice of people on the ground and is open to anyone in the South West who has an interest in helping to improve mental health services, e.g. people who receive support from mental health services, staff, carers and the general public • The ‘on the ground voice’ will be listened to and common themes fed into decision-making structures in health and social care to influence service changes and improvements • Information from the other structures/national developments will be fed back to the Alliance

    3. What are the main functions of the MHA-SW • To provide a mental health communication network for a wide range of stakeholders from around the South West • To share up-to-date mental health information across the South West • To provide a regional forum for consultation and discussion • To give people the opportunity to share their views about mental health services, taking forward universal concerns and positives to other networks to support, influence and advise services • To use all of the above to try to inform and influence the development of ‘good practice‘ in mental health services in the South West

    4. How do I join the Mental Health Alliance-South West and how can I get involved? • Go to the Alliance website and become a member free of charge! • Or contact the Alliance administrator on Phone number: 07779 278722 • Receive the regular newsletter by registering on the website or contacting the administrator (details above).

    5. Who runs the MHA-SW • The Alliance is run by the Mental Health Alliance-South West steering group • The steering group meets bimonthly • The steering group is made up of a variety of people from across the South West who have an interest in mental health services (please see website for names) • 50% of the steering group are service user and carer representatives • The Alliance is supported by an administrator

    6. What does the Alliance steering group do? It aims to: • Set up structures for the Alliance to operate smoothly • Listen to and discuss what the voices on the ground are saying • Feed information and views into other mental health meetings e.g. Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) for mental health (six members on the MHA-SW are also on the SCN for mental health) • Feedback practical progress from the SCN and elsewhere to the Alliance

    7. How will the Alliance make a difference? • By having consistent structures that work • By linking in to other health networks (See diagrams showing reformed NHS relationships and functions) • By interested people making use of their ‘on the ground voice’ so that we can all to work together to improve mental health services for the people of the South West